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Rural Technology Action Group (RuTAG)


RuTAG was set up at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee in January 2010 with the objective to provide necessary synergy and support to non-government or voluntary organizations, involved in the development of need and demand driven high level technological interventions for the benefit of rural occupational groups of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir state of India. RuTAG is supported by the office of Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India, New Delhi.


Mandate of RuTAG IIT Roorkee

  • To promote traditional wisdom and knowledge in the field of rural-technology using available human and natural resources.
  • To maintain environmental sustainability and conserve bio-diversity in rural area.
  • To create appropriate and sustainable rural technology for the critical needs of rural occupational groups
  • To provide coordination and support to science and technology by NGO's.
  • To established network with different centers of excellence, research institutes and PSU's engaged in the field of rural development in the areas.

Function of RuTAG IIT Roorkee

  • Establishing synergy between experts at IIT Roorkee, NGOs and voluntary organizations who have identified need based, demand driven and local resources driven technology based direct interventions for the benefit of various rural occupational groups like farmers, artisans landless poor and traders.
  • Providing complete technical support through IIT Roorkee high-tech facilities for testing and quality control to the above mentioned programs.
  • Providing support and synergy to the S&T NGOs government agencies and interested industries in downsizing, strengthening and upgrading the existing technologies for their nucleation into new initiatives.

Methodology adopted

  • Identification of the need based and demands driven technologies' direct intervention through meetings, workshops with S&T NGOs, Faculty and students of IIT Roorkee and the field departments of the State Government.
  • Preparation of project proposal as concept note in consultation with participating NGO and the experts from IIT Roorkee.
  • Preparation of the final project proposal by the designate Principal Investigator, as per IIT Roorkee norms for Sponsored Research for sanction and funding.
  • Monitoring and assessment of the progress of the project by Project Assessment Committee.


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