Environmental Lab - Department of Hydro and Renewable Energy,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Environmental Lab

Environmental Laboratory


      The R&D activities carried / being carried out in this lab includes the following sub areas:

  1. Water Quality Profile / Water Quality Assessment:
    Large number of streams and rivers were taken for determining / assessing the water quality profile / water quality trends in order to know the extent of pollution compared to historical period and to identify and quantity the major stressors responsible for such a state. The outcome/ results help in finding and implementing the conservation measures to restore the water quality of the water bodies so that water can be suitably utilized for desired usages. There is, therefore, urgent needs to map all rivers lakes qualitatively and to take corrective measures to restore their health.
  2. Ecological Health Assessment of Rivers & Lakes:
    The objective of the ecological health assessment of water bodies has been to find out the suitability of a water body to support the life present there. These studies are based on the cumulative index assessment involving water quality index, trophic state index, biotic index based on macro-invertebrates available and biodiversity based on the screening of the riparian vegetation. The results are found very useful for restoring the ecological health to sustain or to support life in the water bodies that can provide number of services to human.
  3. The Green House Gas (GHG) Potential Assessment from MSW:
    Large piles of MSW is found in every city in India at the outscript of the cities in open. This open dumping of MSW is releasing significant quantity of GHGs like CH4, CO2, N2O etc. to the atmosphere, thereby, enhancing the global warming phenomena, which leads to the climate changes, the effect of which are seen in day to day life in terms of changes in the weather patterns/ ranges/ snow fall etc. Further, these open dumping is polluting the air / ground water resources significantly. The aim of the GHG emission potential assessment is to compute the GHG available throughout the course of degradation period. These gases can be recovered, if this waste is put to proper collection, segregation and conversion to useful energy/ by-products, as soon as, it is generated in the households.
    Three land fill sites in Delhi, one in Hyderabad and one in Kanpur has already been studied for their potential for GHG emissions and corrective measures are also suggested.
  4. Biomonitoring of Rivers & Streams using Macroinvertebrates:
    A multi-national R&D project entitled "Development of an Assessment System to Evaluate the Ecological Status of Rivers in the Hindu Kush-Himalayan Region" was undertaken involving 4 European and 5 Asian countries including India (with funding from European Commission) at a cost of € 1.02 million to develop methodology based on macroinvertebrates sampling, characterisation and identification in HKH region. The project was completed between 2005-2008 and the results of the study have led to the development of a biotic index under the name “HKH Bios” which can be used to assess the water quality as well as ecological health of the streams. In India, the Kosi river in Uttarakhand having stretch of about 200 kms from Almora (UK) to Distt. Rampur (UP) was selected and water quality profile based on biotic index has been developed for use of water managers / policy / decision makers.
  5. GHG Emissions from Hydropower Reservoirs:
    Till recently, the hydropower reservoir were considered as emission free and environment friendly but some studies in Europe have found them to be the significant emitters of GHGs to the atmosphere, thereby, causing more global warming and climate change. These gases have been found to be produced as a results of biodegradation of organic matter (which is transported from the catchment to the reservoirs) under different condition prevailing at the bottom.
    R&D has been carried out on Tehri reservoir and Kotli Bhel Stage-I & II hydropower reservoir to assess the GHG emission potential by experimental approach as well as by studying the potential of tree plantations available in the catchment to contribute the differentially degradable organic matter. GHG Risk assessment tool has also been applied to assess the extent of risk of GHG emissions so that necessary mitigation may be or may not be required. Since the impoundment has been more than 6 years, these reservoirs are found risk free from global warming point of view.
  6. Miscellaneous Areas:
    Development of hybrid and integrated renewable energy systems: Significant R&D has been carried out on modelling and optimisation of hybrid energy and integrated renewable energy systems for electrification of remote areas in off-grid mode. In such system, depending on whether the demand is more or equal to the resources available, the incorporation of diesel-generator set or 100% renewable energy sources available in the selected areas can be used to supply the power. The studies on selection of despatch strategy together with design of power supply network as well as sensitivity and error analysis has also been carried out. The studies for about 6 remote areas in Uttarakhand have so far been completed.
    Besides, the state-of-the art equipment / instrumental facilities are available to rigorously train our M.Tech as well as research scholars.

List of Ph.D. Thesis Completed

S. No. Name of Student Title Year Status
1. Sudhir Kumar Sharma Investigation of characteristics of Biogas Generation using Biomass Wastes 1990 Awarded
2. A K Akella Modelling of Integrated Renewable Energy Systems 2006 Awarded
3. Anurag Trivedi Performance analysis of induction machines as SEIG for Single Phase Isolated Power Supply 2006 Awarded
4. S N Mahato Analysis and Control of stand-alone Induction Generators 2008 Awarded
5. Ajay Gupta Modeling of Hybrid Energy Systems 2010 Awarded
6. A B Kanase Patil Modeling of Integrated Renewable Energy Systems 2011 Awarded
7. Ms. Kawade Swati Manoharrao GHG Emissions from Reservoirs 2014 Awarded
8. Gopiya Naik Planning of Distribution System using Distributed Generation 2016 Awarded
9. Amit Kumar GHG Emissions from Hydro Power Reservoirs 2017 Awarded
10. Subo Upadhayaya Development of Hybrid Energy System 2017 Awarded



List of M.Tech Dissertation in the field

S. No. Name of Student Title Year Status
1. Alok Kumar Powering a Remote Area by Solar Photovoltaic Electricity 1989 Awarded
2. Smt. Durba Bhattacharya Replacement of Conventional Energy by non-conventional Energy for on-farm use 1993 Awarded
3. Alok Kumar Bhardwaj Development of Integrated Renewable Energy Systems for Village Kanvasharam 1999 Awarded
4. Shafat Sultan Optimization of Renewable Energy based Power Generation System for remote area in Jammu & Kashmir 2000 Awarded
5. Prajjwal Kumar Bhaskar Development of a hybrid SPV-Diesel engine based electricity generation system 2001 Awarded
6. Sarsing Gao Techno–Economic study of solar Photovoltaic systems in Arunachal Pradesh 2001 Awarded
7. Himani Goyal Study for optimal utilization of renewable energy sources in remote area 2001 Awarded
8. Bhawesh Agrawal Cost–effective design of solar photovoltaic system for a remote area 2002 Awarded
9. Shukal Kumar Sharma Electrical energy conservation and loss reduction in a typical rural power network 2002 Awarded
10. Pravin Anirudha Motghare Integrated Renewable energy system for a remote hilly area 2003 Awarded
11. Ralte Romawia Design of 132 KV power evacuation system at bawktlang substation in Mizoram 2003 Awarded
12. Akshaya Kumar Rout Design of solar photovoltaic diesel hybrid system for a remote area 2004 Awarded
13. Prasank Kumar Das Energy modeling for off Grid Electrification of clusters of villages 2005 Awarded
14. S Balaji Impact Analysis of conservation works of River BHAVANI in Tamil Nadu 2006 Awarded
15. Bantehsonglang Blahwar Water Quality Assessment and Conservation of UMKHRAH River 2006 Awarded
16. Suhasini Gudala Powering of a Remote Area Through Renewable Energy Sources 2007 Awarded
17. Bhupender Singh Kaneri Development of Cost Effective Technology for Harnessing Renewable Energy in Remote Area 2007 Awarded
18. Pravin Singh Optimized Community based Hybrid Energy System 2008 Awarded
19. Chavan Ajay Daulat Water Quality Management of Godavari River in Nasik City 2008 Awarded
20. Sujoy Patra Pollution Profile of Damodar River in a Particular Stretch 2008 Awarded
21. K Balasubramanian Techno-Economic Analysis of Decentralised STPS (DEWATS) for Peripheral Area in Chennai 2008 Awarded
22. Rinku Saran Development of Wind Energy Farm in Hilly Area 2009 Awarded
23. Narottam Behera Minimization of waste water using Pinch Technology in industry 2009 Awarded
24. Prabodh Kumar Verma Impact of Tehri Dam on water quality 2009 Awarded
25. Jadhav Vishal Prabhakar Performance Evaluation of Diesel Engine using blends of Karanja Oil 2010 Awarded
26. Chandra Bhan Impact of JNNURM on Ganga River at Haridwar 2010 Awarded
27. Praful Dinkar Sutkar Performance Analysis of Biomass Gasifier System 2010 Awarded
28. Ila Dashora Impact of Renewable Energy in Desert District of Rajasthan 2010 Awarded
29. Nitesh Dutt Study of Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Sensible Heat Storage for Solar Thermal Energy 2011 Awarded
30. Ravi Kumar Analysis of Fish Friendly Kaplan Turbine For SHP 2011 Awarded
31. Priyanka Siddharth Performance Evaluation of Sewage Treatment Plants 2012 Awarded
32. Amit Kumar Studies on Green House Gas Emissions from hydropower Reservoirs 2012 Awarded
33. Zaw Lwin Environment Management of Inle Lake in Myanmar 2012 Awarded
34. Tarang Agarwal Experimental Analysis of Silt Erosion in Pump as Turbine 2012 Awarded
35. Niharika Varshney Development of Hybrid Energy System for Remote Area 2013 Awarded
36. Lochan Alagh City Sanitation Plan for Panipat City 2013 Awarded
37. Amit Kumar Ecological Water Quality Assessment Using Macroinvertebrate 2013 Awarded
38. Madhvi Rai Impact of Idol Immersion on Water Quality of Lakes 2013 Awarded
39. Avinash Kumar Sharda Impact of Industrialisation and Urbanisation on Swan River 2013 Awarded
40. Pradeep Chaudhry Cost Benefit Analysis of Lake Conservation with Emphasis on Aesthetics: A Case Study of Chandigarh City 2013 Awarded
41. Ashutosh Kumar GHG Emissions from MSW Landfills 2013 Awarded
42. Naresh Singh Yadav Assessment of Ecological Health of the Chambal River in M.P. 2014 Awarded
43. Prem Kumar Impact Analysis of Performance and Exhaust Emissions of a Diesel Engine with Biodiesel 2014 Awarded
44. Deepika Bhaskar Assessment of GHG Potential from Shadra Open Dumping MSW site in Agra 2014 Awarded
45. Anirudh Garg Exergy and Energy analysis of Sugar Industry 2014 Awarded
46. Monika Assessment of Ecological Health of Tilyar Lake 2014 Awarded
47. Ankit Bhatt Development of Stand-Alone Hybrid Energy System for a Rural Area 2014 Awarded
48. Jatin Singh Saini Power Quality Improvement in Rural Distribution Network 2014 Awarded
49. Mukesh Gupta Modeling, Simulation and Performance Prediction of a Stand-alone Solar PV System 2015 Awarded
50. Shivansh Tyagi Techno Economic Analysis of Pumps as Turbine for Micro Hydro Plants 2015 Awarded
51. Akanksha Kaushal Assessment of GHG Potential from Panki MSW Open Dump Site, Kanpur, U.P. 2015 Awarded
52. Kritika Kaushik Assimilative Capacity of Najafgarh Drain, New Delhi 2013 Awarded
53. Saurabh Mishra Ecological Health Assessment of Surha Lake Distt.- Ballia, U.P. 2015 Awarded
54. Sravanthi Animireddy Automation of Common Effluent Treatment Plant at Aurangabad 2015 Awarded
55. Virender Singh Bio-assessment of Water Quality of Rivers and Streams 2015 Awarded
56. Gazal Gupta Ecological Health Assessment of Kanjli Lake-A Ramasar Site 2016 Awarded
57. Amit Kumar MSW Management of a City 2016 Awarded
58. Thinley Norbu Development of Hybrid Energy System in Rubesa, Bhutan 2016 Awarded
59. Hitesh Kumar Gupta Integration of solar energy with sewage treatment plant 2016 Awarded
60. Kaushal Kumar Reduction of emission of NOx in Diesel Engine using Biodiesel and Blends 2016 Awarded
61. Ankit Shrikoti Impact of river bank filtration on the water quality 2016 Awarded
62. Anil Raghuwanshi Energy and Exergy Analysis of Sugar Industry 2017 Awarded
63. Sandeep Gupta Impact of Binary Blends of Biodiesels on fuel quality 2017 Awarded
64. Harshit Mourya In-Situ Treatment of open drains 2017 Awarded
65. Kusum Estimation of GHG potential of MSW Dump Sites and its Global Warming potential 2017 Awarded
66. Pradhumn Singh Bhittu Restoration of Ecological Health of Gadisar Lake (Rajasthan) 2017 Awarded
67. Satyendra Adhikari Development of Off Grid Hybrid Energy System for Kagbeni, Mustang District, Nepal 2018 In progress
68. Adisalem Mebrahtu Amare Design of Off-grid Hybrid Energy System for Remote Area in Ethiopia 2018 In progress
69. Saurabh Integration of Renewable Energy with Sewage Treatment Plant 2018 In progress
70. Vikram Singh Pollution Amendment in Sugar cane Industry and Effluent Treatment Plant 2018 In progress
71. Stephano M. Alphayo Water quality profile of Ruvu River in Tanzania 2018 In progress



  Water Analysis Kit (Portable Spectrophotometer)
Make : Hach, USA
Portable Spectrophotometer-Model : Sediment size and concentration continuously
Multiparameter for P4, Conductivity-Range : Sension 156
Turbidity Meter-Model : 2100 P
Cost : US$ 7425.03
Purchasing Year : 2007
Purpose : To analyze Acidity, Alkalinity, Br-, Ca2+, Cl-, Free Chlorides & Total chromium, Cu, Hardness, Iodine, Iron Total, Mn, N-NH3, N-NO3-,Phosphorus, etc. in water and waste water
  UV –Vis Spector Photometer
Model : LAMDA 365
Cost : Rs. 7.04 Lacs
Purchasing Year : 2017
Purpose : To determine the concentration of transition metal ions, highly conjugated organic compounds and biological macromolecules in water & waste water. All such metals require the configuration of calibration curves to computer the actual concentration of the desired metal ions.
  Automatic Kjeldal Nitrogen System
Make : Jaguar, Chennai
Accuracy : 0.2% of digital burette
Capacity : 50 ml of each sample
Precession Year : 0.1%
Digestion time : 30-45 min
Range : 40-450°C of Digestion assembly
Cost : Rs. 3,41,120.00
Purchasing Year : 2008
Purpose : To analyze TKN in water and waste water samples. Six samples can be analyzed in one go/together.
  Bottom Water Sampler
Make : Hydro Bios, Germany
Purpose : For use upto 100 m water depth
Capacity : 500 ml
Cost : Rs. 1,31,976.00
Purchasing Year : 2009
Purpose : Used to collect water samples from different depths of rivers, lakes, waste lands etc. It remains attached to a wire and lowered into the water in closed condition (with silicon tubing snapped off) to prevent sample contamination by surface water.
  COD Analysis System
Make : Aqualitic Germany
Model : AL 38
Precision : 25
Time take for analysis : 30 to 120 minutes 0.1%
Range : 0-15000 ppm
0-150 ppm
0-1500 ppm
Cost : Rs. 1,38,650.00
Purchasing Year : 2007
Purpose : To analyze COD of water and waste water samples at the required progromented temperature and reaction time using the membrane keypad on the front of the reactor. When digestion is complete, the reactor is automatically switched off, which sounds an alarm.
  Digital Water Bath
Make : Equitron, Kolkata
Model : 8414
Range : +5°C – 90°C
Resolution : 0.1°C
Accuracy : 37°C±0.1°C
Cost : Rs. 31,028.00
Purchasing Year : 2006
Purpose : To carry out chemical reactions at different pre-set temperatures. The synthesis of biodiesel from vegetable oils and the related Kinetics studies are conducted using this water bath.
  ELIX Water Purification System
Make : Milipore, Mars Technology Roorkee
Model : Elix 3
Flow Rate : 3 litre / hr
Processing Step : 3 stage
Cost : Rs. 2,48,560/-
Purchasing Year : 2007
Purpose : It produces demoralized water having resistivity of 10-15 mega ohm cm, TOC < 30 and bacteria count of < 1 cfu/ml useful for laboratory analysis purposes.
  Multiparameter Water Testing Digital Meter
Make : Hach, USA
Model : HQ 40 d
Range :
pH : 0 – 14
Temp : 10°C – 110°C
Conductivity : 0.01 s/cm – 200 ms/cm
Resistivity : 2.5 ohm – 49 ohm.cm
Salinity : 0 – 42 g/kg
TDS : 0.0 – 50.0 mg/l
LDO : 0.00 – 20 mg/l
Cost : Rs. 2,39,200/-
Purchasing Year : 2008
Purpose : pH, conductivity and DO through luminescent technology and Temp, DO, conductivity, Resistivity, salinity, TDS, Auto Temp, are measured using this meter. The facility of display, locking and compiling the data are available.


  Portable Bacteriological Kit
Make : Hach, USA
Range : MPN/1000 ML
Cost : Rs. 2,60,000/-
Purchasing Year : 2005
Purpose : It is used to carry out bacteriological analysis of water and waste water for fecal coliform and total coliform. 2000 samples from waste water & 500 directly from water can be analyzed per day basis.
  Shaking Bath
Make : Equitron, Roorkee
Model : 8406
Accuracy : ±0.2°C at 37°C, ± 3 RPM
Range : +5°C – 80°C
Stroke length : 25 mm
Cost : Rs. 46,696/-
Purchasing Year : 2008
Purpose : Useful for shaking the reactions contents at pre-set RPM. Digital RPM shaking speed can be used during heater operation. Removable SS tray accommodates flask holders of different capacities.
  Quick Freezer
Make : Remi, New Delhi
Model : RQFV-170
Temp : - 20°C
Cost : Rs. 62,437/-
Purchasing Year : 2009
Purpose : To store water and waste water samples, bacterial cultures, bacterial strains and macro-invertebrates at desired cold temperature for extended period of time upto -200C for the purpose of preservation.
  Hydrographic – Eco Sounder
Make : Elcome Marine Ltd., Mumbai
Model : HydroboxTM
Range : 0-5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 150, 300, 500, 800 m (Auto ranging)
Sound velocity : 1400 – 1600 m/sec
Depth Accuracy : 0.01 mt ± / -0.170 of depth at 200 KHz 0.10 mt ± / -0.170 of depth at 33 KHz
Frequency : 210 KHz, 33 KHZ, 50 KHz (optional)
Cost : Rs. 7,69,365/-
Purchasing Year : 2008
Purpose : To carry out bathymetric survey of the bottom surface of lakes / reservoirs / rivers etc. to know the depth / slops contours.
  Bomb Calorimeter (Digital)
Make : MAC, Delhi
Model : MAC (MCW-506)
Capacity :300 ml
Cost : Rs. 59,980/-
Purchasing Year : 2009
Purpose : To measure the heating value of biomass/other solid / liquid fuels.
  Digital Brookfield Viscometer
Make : Brookfield, USA
Model : LVDV II + Pro
Accuracy : ±1.070 of range
Range :15 cps – 6 M cps
Speed : 0.01 – 200 RPM
Cost : US$ 4260.00
Purchasing Year : 2007
Purpose : To manually measure the viscosity of liquid fuels/ lubricating oils and other liquids.
  Emission Monitoring System
Make : Sensus
Model : U6 (22)
Cyclic Volume : 2 dm3
Gases : NOX, O2, CO, CO2, C
Cost : Rs. 69,400/-
Purchasing Year : 2006
Purpose : To measure CO2, CO, N2, NOX, HC, O2 and SPM is examined from the exhaust of engines, vehicles and captive power plants using bio fuels / petroleum fuel for compliance with CPCB emission norms.


  Gas Chromatograph
Make : Netal, Daman
Model : Michro 9100
Injector : FID, TCD
Coleus Capacity : 13 lt.
Accuracy : -10.1°C
Cost : Rs. 5 lacs
Purchasing Year : 2005
Purpose : PC based gas chromatograph equipped with column is used for the analysis vegetables oils, biodiesel for free fatty acids, liquid petroleum, fuels, and CH4 & CO2 gases-using FID and TCD detector under pre-set conditions.
  Junker’s Gas Calorimeter
Make : Toshniwal
Range : 1000 – 26000 K Cals/m3
Cost : Rs. 67,497/-
Purchasing Year : 2008
Purpose : Non recording type flow meter to determine the calorific value of gases fuels like biogas, producer gas, LPG, CNG etc.
  Pensky Martene Flash Point Apparatus
Make : Wadegati
Model : WIL 431D
Cost : Rs. 1,45,950/-
Purchasing Year : 2012
Purpose : To determine the flash point of liquid fuels like biodiesel, gasoline, diesel, kerosene oil etc. The characteristics is useful for storage of fuel & the safety, thereof, as well as to know the combustion behavior inside the engine cylinder.
  Portable Laser Diffration Sediment Sensor (LISST- Portable)
Model : LISTT Portable
Cost : Rs. 17,44,775/-
Purpose : To measure both particle size distribution and suspended sediment concentration (volumetric) from water samples from a small streams without sample handling issues or measuring drilling fluid on the drill site for faster results. This portable-equipment is useful for a environment laboratory.
  Digital Viscometer
Make : Brookfield
Model : LVD-II-PRO
Purchasing Year : 2008
Purpose : The equipment is used to digitally measure the viscosity of liquid fuels having lower viscosity ranges like gasoline, diesel, oils, kerosene etc.


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