R & D / Monitoring Projects - Department of Hydro and Renewable Energy,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
R & D / Monitoring Projects


S. No. Title of the Project Funding Agency Status of Project
69. Recycling of reverse osmosis reject water for co-production of high value metabolites and biofuel precursors using high density algal cultivation Science & Engineering Research Board Completed
68. Monitoring Hydro-abrasive erosion and suspended sediment for optimal operation of Hydropower plant NHPC Faridabad Completed
67. Strengthening of Africa centers of Excellence (ACEs) DST, New Delhi Completed
66. "Development of commercially viable/low cost model of a Hydralically Operated Bio Residue Briquetting Machine" Uttarakhand Forest Development Corporation, Nainital Completed
65. Development of Cold Storage powered by Pico Hydro Power and its demonstration at selected sites DST, New Delhi Completed
64. "Mini/Micro Turbine for Hydro Power Generation Application in India"
  1. MHRD
  2. M/s Eaton Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Pune
  3. IIT Madras
63. Development and Implementation of 100 kW through Surface Water Velocity driven Hydrokinetic Turbines- VARUN-III UJVN Limited, Dehradun Ongoing
62. Development of flow regime estimation model for hydropower estimation in Uttarakhand Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, UK Ongoing
61. SPV System on roof top of Greater Noida Extension Centre of IIT Roorkee – MNRE, New Delhi MNRE, New Delhi Completed
60. Development of Laboratory for Sediment Monitoring and Impact Analysis Studies in Hydro Power Plant– MNRE, New Delhi MNRE New Delhi Completed
59. Development of Efficient Cross Flow Turbine for Hilly Region – MNRE, New Delhi MNRE, New Delhi  
58. Installation of SPV Power Plants with Aggregate Capacity of 1812.6 kWp on Roop Top of 27 No. of Buildings at IIT Roorkee – MNRE, New Delhi MNRE, New Delhi Completed
57. Installation of the Solar Steam Cooking Systems at the Premises of IIT Roorkee – MNRE, New Delhi MNRE, New Delhi Completed
56. Capital Subsidy to IIT Roorkee for Installation of Solar Water Heating Systems at Various Locations in the Campus during 2012-13 under JNNSM – MNRE, New Delhi MNRE, New Delhi Completed
55. FIST support to HRED to strengthen the research and teaching on Hydropower Generation DST, New Delhi Completed
54. Setting up of Small Hydro Hydraulic Turbine R&D laboratory at HRED, IIT Roorkee MNRE New Delhi Completed
53. Rural Technology Action Group (RUTAG) IIT Roorkee for the State of Uttarakhand DST, New Delhi  
52. Enhancement of livelihood activities using existing SHP stations in Uttarakhand MNRE and UNDP Completed
51. Renewable Energy for Rural Livelihood MNRE and UNDP Completed
50. Establishing a Real Time Simulator for SHP Plants MNRE and UNDP Completed
49. Preparing the Manuals for Teachers in Water Resources/Hydropower Field UA Tech. Education, Dehradun Under Progress
48. Dynamic Study of the Excitation and Transmission SPC, Delhi Completed
47. Cost Benching Marks of SHP IREDA Completed
46. Formulation of Policy for SHP in Assam ASEB Completed
45. Unelectrified villages – surveys, potential sources and electricity demand UREDA Completed
44. Syllabus for Leveraging the Rich Potential Available in Water Resources & Hydropower of Uttaranchal UTEB, Govt of Uttranchal Completed
43. Sectorial Overview Report on Hydropower Development in India Royal Norwegian Embassy, New Delhi Completed
42. Kinetics of transesterification of vegetable oils for the production of biodiesel MHRD Completed
41. Development of an Assessment System to Evaluate the Ecological Status of Rivers in the Hindu-Kush Himalayan Region European Commission Completed
40. Water for Welfare: An Uttaranchal Initiative setup as a Virtual Centre Govt. of Uttaranchal Under Progress
39. MOU between UNDP-GEF Hilly Project MNES Completed
38. Strengthening of Testing Facility MNES, GoI Under Progress
37. Strengthening of Infrastructure-Civil and R & M Works MHRD/IIT Roorkee Completed
36. Strengthening of Infrastructure-Equipment MHRD/IIT Roorkee Completed
35. Strengthening of Infrastructure – FIST DST Completed
34. Establishing of Real Time Small Hydro Simulator MNES Under progress
33. Strengthening of Testing Facility HHP-MNES Completed
32. Strengthening of HRED Library MNES Completed
31. Consultancy Capability in SHP DISR Completed
30. Development of standard water mill in Uttaranchal TIFAC, DST Completed
29. Strengthening of HRED HHP-MNES Completed
28. Strengthening of HRED labs AICTE Completed
27. Establishment of Cost benching for SHP IREDA Completed
26. Design of Self Sustaining models for SHP PFC Completed
25. Water Mills Development AICTE Completed
24. Monitoring of Demonstration Projects MNES-HHP Continued
23. Dissemination of Regional Flow Regimes Estimation for Small Hydropower – CEH, UK DFID/CEH Continued
22. International Hydrological Programme of UNESCO – Training – CEH DFID/CEH Completed
21. International Hydrological Programme of UNESCO – Study – CEH DFID/CEH Continued
20. Pre-Investment Study for New Small Hydro Options IREDA, New Delhi Completed
19. Monitoring of light weight portable sets implementation (50 Nos.) MNES Completed
18. Micro-processor Control for SHP AICTE Completed
17. Renewable Energy Tech. AICTE Completed
16. Renewable Energy Park MNES Completed
15. Water Mills DST Completed
14. Technology Selection DST Completed
13. Training, Research & Consultancy DST Completed
12. Post Commissioning Performance Evaluation of Micro Hydro Projects with Cross Flow Turbine DST Completed
11. Reinforced Earth UPCST Completed
10. Strengthening of Infrastructural Facilities Modernisation HRED Labs MHRD Completed
9. Strengthening of Infrastructure Facilities Alternate Energy System
Phase II
8. Centre for Hydro Energy
Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
7. Management Information System on Small Hydro Projects
Phase I
Phase II
6. Appropriate Technology for Rural Technology SBI Completed
5. Appropriate Technology for Rural Development SBI Completed
4. Site Efficiency Measuring Equipment DNES Completed
3. Pilot Testing of Biomass Gasifier based electricity generation system 415 Kva rating DNES Completed
2. Study, Design & Modification of Pump as Turbine DST Completed
1. Development of Hydraulic Air Compressor DST Completed
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