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Post Graduate Programs
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Course Structure

Alternate Hydro Energy Systems

Teaching Scheme

Programme Elective Courses
Programme Elective Courses

Each course (Subject) has a number of credits which depends on the academic load and weekly contact hours for Lecture (L). Tutorial (T), Practical (P) and/ or Drawing (D). One Credit is normally assigned to one hour of lecture or two hours of tutorial or practical per week.

Performance Evaluation

As per regulations in vogue, the evauation of academic performance of students is done on continual basis throughout the semester. In the credit and grading system of evaluation, passing and failing is coursewise (Subjectwise). Promotion of a student to the next semester is linked to his obtaining a certain minimum grade point average and his earning of certain minimum number of credits in a semester and upto that semester. The award of degree is also linked with the earning of total number of credits along with other requirements, as specified for each programme.

A student is evaluated for his academic performance through tutorials, practicals, class work, home work assignments, terms papers, field work, quizzes, tests, examination, viva-voce etc. in each semester, as per regulations. Evaluation in every course (subject) is based on weightage of marks/grades assigned to various course as per curricular structure. The components for evaluation of academic performance are CWS (Class Work Sessional), MTE (Mid Term Examination), ETE (End Term Examination), PRS (Practical Sessional) and PRE (Practical Examination). The marks earned by a student in a course (subject) are converted into letter grades, the value of which is on a 10 point scale.

  • Seminar (AH-700)
  • Project and Site Visits (AH-602)
  • Dissertation (AH-701A & AH-701B)

Environmental Management of Rivers and Lakes

Teaching Scheme

Programme Elective Courses

 Course Credit and Evaluation

Credit (Cr) and Weekly Contact Hours

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