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Sanjeev Kumar
Sanjeev Kumar Assistant professor +91-1332-284913 Website
Areas of Interest
  • Environmental Bioprocess, Climate Change, Bioenergy, Rural Development, Water & Wastewater Treatment, Algal Biofuel, Phycoremediation, Waste Valorisation, GHG emissions, Water bodies management
Professional Background
2019-01-01OngoingAssistant ProfessorIIT Roorkee
2017-01-012 years Assistant ProfessorIIT Patna
2014-01-013 years Assistant ProfessorNSIT Delhi
Multiple Posts
2019-12-01OngoingFaculty-in-Charge, Environment and Research Biofuel LabHRED IIT Roorkee
2019-01-01OngoingMember, UBA (Biomass/Bioenergy)IIT Roorkee
2019-01-01OngoingProgramme Advisor - EMRLH.R.E.D IIT Roorkee
2019-01-01OngoingMember, Department Space Management Committee (DSMC)H.R.E.D, IIT Roorkee
2017-01-012 years Professor In-charge, Entrepreneurship CellIIT Patna
2017-01-012 years Coordinator, Department Time Table IIT Patna
2014-01-013 years Coordinator, Industrial Training and B.Tech ProjectNSIT Delhi
Honors and Awards
Bioenergy-Awards for Cutting Edge Research (B_ACER) DBT2017
Excellence in Academics / ResearchIEI2021
Distinction in Doctoral Research AwardIIT Delhi2016
Early Career Research Award (Young Scientist)SERB2016
CSIR Pool Scientist (SRA)CSIR2014
Educational Details
PhDRural Development (Bioenergy)IIT Delhi2015
M.TechBiotechnologyAnna University Chennai2010
B.EBiochemical EngineeringKumaon Engineering College (now BTKIT), Uttarakhand2008
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyStart DatePeriod
Recycling of reverse osmosis reject water for co-production of high-value algal metabolitesSERB (IMPRINT scheme)2019-01Ongoing
A coupled process for production of methane and ethanol from enzymatically pretreated algal biomassSERB2016-014 years 7 months
Novel bio-harvesting for coupling algal wastewater treatment and biofuel production SERB2014-016 years 7 months
  • International Conference on Renewable Energy & Emerging Technologies 2019,Indonesia , Abstract Registration Committee Member
  • The Institution of Engineers, India, Life Member
  • 6th International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture and Environment (ICSAE-2019), Scientific Committee Member
  • 5th International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture & Environment, Scientific Committee Member
Teaching Engagements
TitleCourse CodeClass NameSemester
Projects and Thesis Supervised
Title of ProjectNames of Students
Life Cycle Assessment on Algal production of BioethanolVijay Yadav (IIT Patna)
Utilisation of Landfill Leachate as Growth Medium for Biomass Production Using Native Algal ConsortiSoumitra Das (NSIT Delhi)
Effect of Native Bacterial Isolates on Algal Biomass Production Saurabh Samuchiwal (NSIT Delhi)
Agent based modeling of algal-bacterial interaction in wastewater treatment Kashsish Manocha (NSIT Delhi)
Photo-assisted treatment of municipal wastewater through native algal growth in lab scale photobioreMohit Thawani (NSIT Delhi)
Improved biogas production from algal biomass through mixed feed anaerobic digestion Nidhi Hans (NSIT Delhi)
Improved biogas production from algal biomass through mixed feed anaerobic digestion Nidhi Hans (NSIT Delhi)
Biofilm based treatment of municipal wastewater Ankita Goswami (NSIT Delhi)
Detailed anaerobic digestion of algal biomass with cattle dung and food waste Gaurav Mittal (NSIT Delhi)
Techno-economic assessment of wastewater treatment coupled algal biogas production Siddhart Sehgal (NSIT Delhi)
PHDs Supervised
TopicScholar NameStatus of PHDRegistration Date
GHG emissions from river basinPooja Upadhyay (UGC-JRF)O2020-08
Algae integrated constructed wetland system for resource recovery, recycling and treatment of commercial biogas plant digestateAkanksha Chauhan (UGC-JRF)O2020-08-08
Nanotechnological intervention for mixotrophic microalgae cultivation and bioenergy generationMohit Singh Rana (PMRF)O2020-01
Pilot scale testing of algal biomethanation with cattle dung integrated with wastewater treatmentPushpendar Kumar (PhD from IIT Delhi)A2015-01-01
Algae integrated process for resource recovery, metabolite production and recycling of reverse osmosis rejectMamta (PMRF)O2020-01
. Microalgae-mediated removal of waterborne pathogens for wastewater disinfectionAnkita Bhatt (PMRF)O2020-01
Special Lectures Delivered
Biogas from wastewater algal biomassBTKIT Dwarahat, Uttarakhand2019-01
Fungi as a bio-agent for harvesting and pretreatment of microalgal biomass for biofuel applications BTKIT Dwarahat, Uttarakhand2019-01
Biochemical and microbial characterization of indigenous cow dung and urine for energy bioresourcesIIT Delhi2019-01
Microbiology Aspects of Biogas GenerationBDTC, IIT Delhi2020-08
Transforming dairy farms into bioenergy systems through coupling with algal technologyBDTC, IIT Delhi2015-01
Biogas production using a different feed stocks including algaeBDTC, IIT Delhi2014-01
Refereed Journal Papers

1. Patent: 

  1. Indian Patent filed on “A method of bio-harvesting and pre-treating algal biomass and uses thereof” Investigators: A. Malik, S. K. Prajapati, V. K. Vijay, A. Bhattacharya. Ref. no. 1593/DEL/2015, filed on 02-07-2015


2. Research Papers:

(a) International:

  1. Kumar, P., Prajapati, S.K.*,  Malik, A., Vijay, V. K (2018). Evaluation of biomethane potential of waste algal biomass collected from eutrophied lake: effect of source of inocula, co-substrate, and VS loading. (Accepted) J ApplPhycol (Springer, IF:2.401)
  2. Thawani, M., Hans, N., Samuchiwal, S., Prajapati, S.K.* (2018) Improved methane yield from wastewater grown algal biomass. Water SciTechnol (2018) 78 (1): 81-91 (IWA,  IF:1.247)
  3. Kumar, P., Prajapati, S.K.*,  Malik, A., Vijay, V. K (2017). Cultivation of native algal consortium in semi-continuous pilot scale raceway pond for greywater treatment coupled with potential methane production. J. Environ. Chem. Eng. 5 : 5581-5587 (Elsevier, CiteScore: 4.01)
  4. Bhattacharya, A., Mathur, M., Kumar, P, Prajapati, S.K., Malik, A (2017). A rapid method for fungal assisted algal flocculation: Critical parameters & mechanism insights. Algal Res. 21: 42 – 51 (Elsevier, IF: 3.745)
  5. Choudhary P, Prajapati S.K, Kumar P, Malik A, Pant K (2017). Development and performance evaluation of an algal biofilm reactor for treatment of multiple wastewaters and characterization of biomass for diverse applications. Biores. Technol. 224: 276 – 284 (Elsevier, IF: 5.807)
  6. Prajapati S.K, Bhattacharya A, Kumar P, Malik A, Vijay V.K (2016). A method for simultaneous bioharvesting and pretreatment of algal biomass targeting improved methane production. Green Chem. 18: 5230-5238 (RSC, IF: 8.586)
  7. Hammed, A.M, Prajapati, S.K, Simsek, S, Simsek, H (2016). Growth regime and environmental remediation of microalgae: A review.  Algae 31: 189-204 (The Korean Society of Phycology, IF:1.556 )
  8. Choudhary P, Prajapati S.K, Malik A (2016). Screening native microalgal consortium for biomass production and nutrient removal from rural sector wastewaters. Ecol Eng.91: 221 – 230 (Elsevier, IF: 3.023)
  9. Prajapati S. K, Malik A, Vijay V.K, Sreekrishnan T. R (2015).  Enhanced methane production from algal iomass through short duration enzymatic pretreatment and codigestion with carbon rich waste. RSC Adv. 5: 67175–67183  (RSC, IF: 2.936)
  10. Prajapati S.K, Bhattacharya, Malik A, Vijay V.K (2015). Pretreatment of algal biomass using fungal crude enzymes. Algal Res. 8: 8 – 14  (Elsevier, IF: 3.745)
  11. Prajapati S.K*, Choudhary P, Malik A, Vijay V.K (2014). Algae mediated treatment and bioenergy generation process for handling liquid and solid waste from dairy cattle farm. Bioresour. Technol. 167: 260 -268 (Elsevier, IF: 5.807)
  12. Prajapati S. K, Kumar P, Malik A, Choudhary P (2014). Exploring pellet forming filamentous fungi as tool for harvesting non-flocculating unicellular microalgae.  BioEnergy Res. 7: 1430–1440 (Springer, IF: 2.938)
  13. Prajapati S.K, Kumar P, Malik A, Vijay V.K (2014). Bioconversion of microalgae to methane and subsequent utilization of digestate for microalgae cultivation: a close loop bioenergy generation process. Bioresour. Technol. 158: 174–180 (Elsevier, IF: 5.807)
  14. Prajapati S.K, Malik A, Vijay V.K, (2014). Comparative evaluation of biomass production and bioenergy generation potential of Chlorella spp. through anaerobic digestion. Appl. Energy 114: 790 – 797(Elsevier, IF: 7.90)
  15. Prajapati S.K, Kaushik P, Malik A, Vijay V.K, (2013). Phycoremediation coupled production of algal biomass, harvesting and anaerobic digestion: possibilities and challenges. Biotechnol Adv. 31: 1408–1425 (Elsevier, IF : 11.452)
  16. Prajapati S.K, Kuashik P, Malik A, Vijay V.K  (2014). Phycoremediation and biogas potential of native algal isolates from soil and wastewater. Bioresour. Technol. 135: 232 – 238.  (Elsevier IF: 5.807)

(b) National: 04

  1. Prajapati S.K, Malik A, (2015).  Algal Biomass as Feedstock for Biomethane Production: an Introduction.  J Environ. Social Sci. 2: 1 – 4.
  2. Prajapati, S. K.,   P. Choudhary, Choudhary, P., Chawla, P., Malik, A., Vijay, V. K.2014. Apshishtjalainvamcrabon di oxide kepabandhantatha biogas utpadan me shaivalkibhumika. Jigyasa (IIT Delhi) 27&28: 98-103
  3. Prajapati, S. K.,Choudhary, P., Chawla, P., Sharma, G., Malik, A., Vijay, V. K. Sharma, S., Sreekrishnan, T. R. 2012.ShaivalkeBahumukhiUpyog(VaijyanicSamiksha), Jigyasa (IIT Delhi) 25: 112 – 5.
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3. Book chapters:

  1. Bhushan S., Ashwin K, Simsek H, Swati S, Prajapati SK*. Remediation of domestic wastewater using algal-bacterial biotechnology: Application of Microalgae in Wastewater Treatment (In-press, Springer Nature, 2019)
  2. Singh N., Bhushan S., Rana M., Prajapati SK*.  Hydrothermal liquefaction for recovery of biofuel precursors from agro-residues. (Abstract accepted) Handbook of Biofuels, Springer Nature
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4. ​National and International Conference/Workshop 

(a) International: 05

  1. P. Choudhary, S. K. Prajapati, P. Kumar, A. Malik, K.K. Pant. Livestock wastewater treatment by outdoor microalgae cultivation. 167. Oral Presentation at 4th International Science Congress; 8th -9th December 2014 at Udaipur, India.
  2. P. Kumar, P. Choudhary, S. K. Prajapati, A. Malik, V.K Vijay. Comparative evaluation of microalgae growth in liquid digestate obtained from algae and cattle dung digestion. 190. Oral Presentation at 4th International Science Congress held during 8th -9th December 2014 at Udaipur, India.
  3. Malik A., Prajapati S. K., Choudhary P., Kumar P., Vijay V. K. 2014. ALgas: A sustainable approach for wastewater treatment coupled Bioenergy generation. “Indo-German Join Scientific Workshop on Water and Wastewater Management for Sustainable Development” held at IIT Delhi, India during January 30-31, 2014
  4. Prajapati S. K, Kaushik P., Choudhary P., Malik A., Vijay V. K. 2012. Role of algae in wastewater treatment and fermentative biogas production. (Oral presentation) in 2nd International Science Congress held during 8-9 December, 2012 at Vrindavan (Mathura), UP, India
  5. Kumar G. S., Kumar S. 2010. Agent based modeling of algal production of biofuel. Poster presented in “International Conference On Emerging Technologies in Renewable Energy”  held during 18-21 August, 2010 at College of Engineering, Anna University Chennai, India

(b) National: 08

  1. P. Choudhary, S. K. Prajapati, P. Kumar, A. Malik, K.K. Pant. Utilization of livestock wastewater for Chroococcus sp.1 cultivation in an indoor vs outdoor open photobioreactor. Poster presented in Open House I2 Tech 2015 held on 18 April, 2015 at IIT Delhi.
  2.  P. Kumar, P. Choudhary, S. K. Prajapati, A. Malik, V.K Vijay. Evaluation of growth of microalgae on liquid digestate. Poster presented in Open House I2 Tech 2015 held on 18 April, 2015 at IIT Delhi
  3. Choudhary P., Prajapati S. K., Kumar P., Chawla P., Malik A., Vijay V.K. 2013. Biomass and biogas production for microalgae cultivated on rural sector wastewater.  Poster presented in Open House I2 Tech 2013 held on 20th April, 2013 at IIT Delhi.
  4. Choudhary P., Prajapati S. K., Kumar P., Chawla P., Malik A. 2013. Biogas slurry as nutrient supplement for algae cultivation. Poster presented in Open House I2 Tech 2013 held on 20th April, 2013 at IIT Delhi.
  5. Prajapati S. K., Choudhary P., Malik A., Vijay V. K. 2012. Estimation of biogas production potential of Spirulina sp. NCIM5143 cultivated in wastewater. Poster presented in National Convention on “Current and Emerging Trends in Indian Biogas and Bio-fertilizer Development” held on 16th September, 2012 at IIT Delhi, New Delhi India
  6. Prajapati S. K., Malik A., Vijay V.K. 2012. Biogas from algal biomass: a carbon negative energy option. Poster presented in Open House I2 Tech 2012 held on 21st April, 2012 at IIT Delhi.
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  8. Gattani M. K., Prajapati S. K., Kumar G. S., Singhal S. 2010. Sustainable development in Uttarakhand through biogas technology: A field survey study.(Oral Presentation) in “National Seminar on Sustainable Development of Uttarakhand ” at UPES, Dehradun in 2010
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