M.K. Singhal - Department of Hydro and Renewable Energy,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
M.K. Singhal
M.K.Singhal Associate professor m.singhal@hre.iitr.ac.in +91-1332-285165
Areas of Interest
  • Planning, Design & Analysis of Civil Works of SHP, Planning, Design & Analysis of Civil Works of SHP, Related Software Development, Related Software Development
Professional Background
2018-12-22OngoingAssociate ProfessorHRED
2001-09-2117 years 3 months Senior Scientific OfficerAHEC
1984-10-1916 years 11 months 1 dayScientist A/BAHEC
Educational Details
B.E.Civil Engg.University of Roorkee.1983
M.E.Civil Engg.University of Roorkee.1990
  • Indian Water Resources Society, Member
  • Indian Geo-Technical Society, Member
  • Indian Concrete Institute, Member
  • Indian Society of Earthquake Technology , Member
  • Indian Society of Technical Education, Member
Projects and Thesis Supervised
Title of ProjectNames of Students
Cost - Effective Design for Micro Hydropower SchemesShri Shirish Gupta
Optimum Design of Small Hydro Power Stations for Hilly Areas with Particular Reference to Manipur StShri N.Dwijen Singh
Governing and Control Of Hydropower Plant Using Neural NetworkShri Abhinai Madeshia
Optimum Selection of Hydro Mechanical Equipment for SHP StationsShri Manoj Kumar Jaiswal
Optimisation of SHP Schemes in UttaranchalShri Charlie Fulzele
Techno-Economic Study for Micro Hydro Turbine Governing SystemsShri Vivek Agarwal
Evaluation of Different Velocity Measurement Methods of Turbine TestingShri Naveen Kumar Gupta
The Effect on Water of Tunia River due to Pollution of the Industrialization and UrbanizationShri Dhwajendra Nath Das
Computer aided Planning of Canal Based SHP ProjectsShri Pankaj Rawat
Renewable Energy Development of Andhra Pradesh using GIS softwareShri D. Ravindra Naik
Designing of hydro turbine using CFDShri Gaurav Tayal
Study of Impact of Domestic Sewage and Industrial Effluent on Water Quality of River BharaluShri Rajesh Baruah
Techno Economic Evaluation of Various Wastewater Treatment PlantsShri Sanjeev Kumar
Transient Simulation of a Hydropower PlantShri Shiv Shankar Lal
Performance Evaluation of Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems in North IndiaShri Amrish Kumar Singh
Techno Economic Analysis of Decentralized STPS (Dewats) for Peripheral area in ChennaiShri K. Balasubramanian
GIS Based Distribution System PlanningMs. Priyanka Dixit
GIS Based Master Plan of Small Hydro Power for Maharshtra StateShri Bhale Ganesh Shankarrao
ANN based Governing and Controlling of SHPShri Challa Mohana Krishna
Sensitivity of Different Clearances in SHP DevelopmentShri .P. Ramaswamy
Development of Simulator for High Head SHP PlantShri Nikil Kumar
GIS Based Reconfiguration of Distribution SystemMs. Venkata Ramasita Balusu
Conservation of Kanke LakeShri Arsashd Ali
Development of Distribution System for Village ElectrificationShri Ravindhar Banothu
Simulation of Small Hydro Power Plants Shri Lakshman Kumar
Optimal Planning of Distributed Generation SystemsMs. S. N. V. Rama Anusha Mandavilli
Impact of Renewable Energy In Desert District of RajasthanMs. Ila Dashora
Conservation Plant For Hasdeo RiverShri Saurabh Soni
Simulation of Mini Hydro Power PlantsShri Arun S
Steady State Analysis of Electronic Load Controller for 3-Phase AlternatorShri Dibyendu Das
Improved Design of Earthing SystemShri Mehta Arjunsingh Ashok
CFD Based Performance Analysis of Modified Pump Used as TurbineShri Anuj Kumar
CFD Based Performance Analysis of Kaplan Turbine for Micro Hydro RangShri Alok Mishra
Optimized Planning for Dev Elopement of Small Hydro Power Projects in High Altitude AreaShri Lengminal Singson
Performance Evaluation of Bhoj Wetland Conservation PlanShri Ompraksh
Conservation Plan for Hindon RiverShri Ashish Ranjan
Hydropower Development in LAOSDr. Arun Kumar
Flow Analysis of Penstock Using CFDShri Sudhanshu Kumar
Investigation of Heat Transfer Augmentation by Using ARC Shaped RIBS with Gap in Solar Air Heater DuMs. Uttara Shakya
Bio Indexing of Gomti River in Lucknow Region using Fish AssemblageShri Anil Sharma
Conservation Plan of Hindon River in between Muzaffarnagar and GhaziabadShri Samarth Sharma
Computer AIDES optimized selection and design of sewage treatment plant for a communityShri Pankaj Kumar Dahayat
Conservation Plan of Hindon River is between Ghaziabad and DelhiShri Prabhakar Shukla
Solid Waste Management of Jaipur City Shri Abhishek Jain
Impact of Polluted River Kali (East) on Groundwater of MeerutMs. Shilpa Yadav
Water Supply System Optimization for Khartoum StateShri Mohamed Atia Yousif
Assimilative Capacity of Najafgarh Drain New DelhiMs. Kritika Kaushik
Optimized Planning of Sewage Treatment Plants for DelhiMs. Ruby Raju
Effect of Industrial Pollution on Groundwater and Related Health Issues in Bhagwanpur, Dist HaridwarShri Aseem Pal Singh
Optimized Planning of Smart Grid System for IIT Roorkee CampusShri Rajesh Kumar
Performance Evaluation of Fuel Cell Based Distributed Generation SystemShri Prashnajit Behera
Optimization of Biomass Briquetting System Used for Power GenerationShri Dani Nikhil Sadashiv
Performance Evaluation of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion SystemShri Anoop Kumar Kushwaha
Performance Evaluation of Livelihood Activities in Bagheswar district, UttarakhandShri Prashant Bhardwaj
Impact Analysis of Government Policies for SHP Development in IndiaShri Mayank Kumar
Impact Analysis of Working Fluid on the Performance of Geothermal Power PlantShri Sanjay Lakra
Efficient Management of Electrical Energy Systems of STPsShri Utkarsh Srivastava
CFD Based Performance Analysis of Coating on Francis Runner Eroded Due to CavitationShri Amandeep Metha
CFD based Performance Analysis of Reaction TurbineShri Siladitya Beg
Optimized Selection of Urban landfill Sites for Tarkwa Municipality in Ghana Using Remote Sensing anShri Saifudeen S. Iliasu
Efficient Use of Mechanical Equipments Used in STPsShri Shubham Jain
Optimized planning for Hydro Projects Using Remote Sensing and GIS TechniqueShri Ajeet Singh
Numerical Analysis Based Performance Evaluation of Pump gas TurbineShri Satish Chand
Investigation of Cavitation in Hydro TurbinesShri Yatish Kaushal
An Efficient Methodology for wind Potential Assessment for Andhra PradeshShri P. Sunil Babu
Performance Investigation of a Hybrid Solar Photovoltaic Thermal Collector Having Turbulators in theShri Joshi Ram
Experimental Study of Silt Erosion in Hydro TurbineShri Abhishek Rajput
GIS Integrated Hydropower AssessmentMs. Meenakshi Verma
Demand Side Management in Smart Grid for Energy SavingShri Ravi Kumar
Design for Solar Photovoltaic System for Remote Communication LinesShri Prabhat Kumar Jha
Mitigation of Power quality Issues in Solar Photovoltaic SystemMs. Yerra Bindu
PHDs Supervised
TopicScholar NameStatus of PHDRegistration Date
Study of Hydro-Abrasive Erosion in Hydro Turbine Under Different Operating ConditionsShri Saurabh SangalO2016-07-08
Investigation on Optimal Design of Diversion Weir for Small Hydro-power ProjectsShri Vaibhav Mohan DasO2016-12-26
Development of Methodology for Estimation of Wind Energy PotentialShri Penugonda Sunil BabuO2017-07-07
Biodiesel Production and UtilizationShri Sandeep KumarO2017-12-28
Environment ConservationShri Mohammed FaizanO2018-01
Refereed Journal Papers
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