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RuTAG Projects

Rural Technology Action Group (RuTAG) Projects

Work done so far

1. Modifified Bageshwari Wool Charkha (pdf) (Video Link)

Photograph of Modified Bageshwari Wool Charkha


Performance testing of modified charkha during training in AHEC laboratory

2. Pump as Turbine (pdf) (Video Link)

Pump used as Turbine for Pico hydro

3. Mechanized Roller for Making Handcrafted Woolen Felt (pdf) (Video Link)

Mechanized rolling device developed in different sizes


Field training on developed Mechanized roller at Karsog in the state of Himachal Pradesh

4. Solar Energy Based Efficient Plant for Preparing Turpentine Oil (pdf)

Experimental Setup using solar and fuel wood hybrid-concentrator with improved cook stoves

5. Cold Storage Powered by Pico Hydro Power (pdf)

Testing of Cold Storage at AHEC laboratory


Testing of Pico hydro generating unit

6. Development of a Gravity Based Ropeway (pdf)

Ongoing / In Pipeline

The following proposals were taken up and technology development is under progress:

  1. Wool processing technology - raw wool to fabric
  2. Production of mixture of Aloe vera for natural cosmetic products
  3. Pomegranate (Daadim) seed extraction machine
  4. Softening and separation of hemp fibres
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