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Journals (Year 2018-19)

National and International Journals (Year 2018-19)


  • Rai, A. K., Kumar, A. and Staubli T. (2019) “Optimization of hydropower plants regarding hydro-abrasive erosion” International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems (Accepted), ISSN (Online):1882-9554.
  • Arun Kumar, R. P. Saini, B.K. Gandhi, R.K. Srivastava, Pradeep Chandra and A.K. Dubey, “Experiences in Discharge Measurements at Small Hydropower Stations in India”, Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, Special Issue, Measuring Hydro Power Plants, Elsevier, (Accepted)
  • Abbas, A. and Kumar, A., 2019, "Evaluation of uncertainty in flow and performance parameters in Francis turbine test rig." International Journal of Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, Vol. 65, pp. 297-308.
  • M. Kumar, A. Kumar, “Performance Assessment of Different Photovoltaic Technologies for Canal-Top and Reservoir Applications in Subtropical Humid Climate”, IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 2019, pp. 1-11.
  • M. Kumar, A. Kumar, “Experimental validation of performance and degradation of canal-top photovoltaic system”, Applied Energy, 2019. (Accepted)
  • Epari Ritesh Patro, Thomas J. Voltz, Arun Kumar & Thomas Grischek (2018): Micro-hydropower in drinking water gravity pipelines: a case study in Uttarakhand, India, ISH Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, DOI: 10.1080/09715010.2018.1492977, 11 page.
  • Arora N. and Kumar A. (2018), Performance Analysis of Trench Weirs, IASH Journal, Volume 7, No. 2, July 2018, pp 13 – 24
  • Garg RK and Kumar Arun (2018), “Water Hammer Analysis of a Run of River hydroelectric power plant in Lower Himalaya: A Case Study”, Water and Energy International, Vol. 61r, Issue 2, May 2018, pp 46 – 53
  • Stephano M. Alphayo and M.P. Sharma, “Water Quality Assessment of Ruvu River in Tanzania using NSFWQI” Journal of Scientific Research & Reports, 20(3): 1-9, 2018; Article no. JSRR.44324; ISSN: 2320-0227.
  • Mukesh Kumar and M.P. Sharma, “Investigating and Improving the Cold Flow Properties of Waste Cooking Biodiesel using Winterization and Blending” Materials Today proceedings (Elsevier), 5 (2018) 23051-23056.
  • Swati Kawade, Arun Kumar and M.P. Sharma, “Carbon Dioxide Emission from a Reservoir in India”, International Journal of Lakes and Rivers, ISSN 0973-4570 (11)1, 2018, pp 29-46.
  • Stephano M. Alphayo and M.P. Sharma, “Water Quality Mapping of Ruvu River in Tanzania” American Journal of Applied Scientific Research, 4(4): 22-59, 2018;
  • Virender Singh, M.P. Sharma, Shailendra Sharma & Saurabh Mishra, “Bio-assessment of River Ujh using benthic macro-invertebrates as bioindicators, India”, International Journal of River Basin Management, 2019, 17(1) 79-87.
  • Ravi Kant Ravi and Saini R.P., “Effect of roughness elements on thermal and thermohydraulic performance of double pass solar air heater duct having discrete multi V- shaped and staggered rib roughness on both sides of the absorber plate”, Experimental Heat Transfer (Taylor & Francis), 31 (1), pp.47-67, 2018.
  • Ravi Kant Ravi and Saini R.P., “Nusselt number and friction factor correlations for forced convective type counter flow solar air heater having discrete multi V shaped and staggered rib roughness on both sides of the absorber plate”, Applied Thermal Engineering (Elsevier), 129 (2018), pp.735–746.
  • Sangal Saurabh, Singhal M.K. and Saini R.P., “Hydro-abrasive erosion in hydro turbines: a review”, International Journal of Green Energy (Taylor & Francis), Vol.15, No.4, pp. 232-253. Feb. 2018 (
  • Saini Gaurav and Saini R.P., “A numerical analysis to study the effect of radius ratio and attachment angle on hybrid hydrokinetic turbine performance”, Energy for Sustainable Development (Elsevier), 47 (2018), pp.94–106.
  • Prakash Chandra and Saini R.P., “Heat transfer and friction in rectangular solar air heater duct having spherical and inclined rib protrusions as roughness on absorber plate”, Experimental Heat Transfer (Taylor & Francis), Nov.2018, Doi: 10.1080/08916152.2018.1543367.
  • Tenzin Namgay, and Saini R.P., “Wind and Solar Power Potential Assessment in Bhutan” International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT), Vol. 8, Issue 3,  Feb. 2019, pp.391-395.
  • Mansi Tripathi and Sunil Kumar Singal, “Use of Principal Component Analysis for parameter selection for development of a novel Water Quality Index: A case study of river Ganga India” International Journal of Ecological Indicators, ELSEVIER, 96 (2019) pp 430-436.
  • Manoj Sood and S.K. Singal, “Development of hydrokinetic energy technology: A review”, Int J Energy Res. 2019, 1–20,
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