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Journals (Year 2017-18)

National and International Journals (Year 2017-18)

  • Arora N. and Kumar A., Performance Analysis of Trench Weirs, Water & Energy International Journal, 60, No. 11, February (2018), pp 37 – 48.
  • Rai A K. and Kumar A., Measurements and Financial Analysis for Hydro-Abrasive Erosion in Hydropower Plants, Journal of International Association for Small Hydro, 7 No. 1 January (2018), pp 3 – 10
  • Garg Rahul Kumar and Kumar Arun, Formation of Hydraulic Transient sin Penstocks and Its Impacts on Different Materials, International Journal of Smart Home, 11, No. 9 (2017), pp. 9-26
  • Tak, S. and Kumar, A., Chlorination disinfection by-products and comparative cost analysis of chlorination and UV disinfection in sewage treatment plants: Indian scenario. Environmental Science and Pollution Research24(34), (2017), pp.26269-26278.
  • Kumar Arun and Kumar Manish, Solar Energy in Irrigation, Journal of Indian Water Resources Society, Vol 37, No. 2, (April 2017), (special issue)
  • Kumar Amit, Sharma M.P. and Rai Subash Prasad, A Novel approach for River Health Assessment of Chambal using Fuzzy modeling, India, Desalination and Water Treatment, 58, (2017), 72–79.
  • Kumar Amit, Sharma M.P., Taxak A.K., Analysis of water environment changing trend in Bhagirathi tributary of Ganges in India Desalination and Water Treatment, (2017) 1–8 doi: 10.5004/dwt.2017.20159.
  • Verma Puneet, Dwivedi Gaurav and Sharma M.P., Comprehensive analysis on potential factors of ethanol in Karanja Biodiesel production and its kinetic studies Fuel, 188 (2017), 586-594.
  • Dwivedi Gaurav, Sharma M.P., Experimental investigation of metals and Antioxidants on Oxidation Stability and Cold flow properties of Pongamia Biodiesel and its blends, International Journal of Renewable Energy Research, 7 (1), (2017), 26-33.
  • Kumar Amit, Sharma M.P., Estimation of Green House Gas emissions from Koteshwar hydropower reservoir, India, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (EMAS-D-16-03645R1) DOI: 10.1007/s10661-017-5958-7, Springer International Publishing Switzerland April (2017).
  • Gupta Sandeep and Sharma M.P., Improving the Oxidation Stability of Biodiesels using Binary Biodiesel Blends, Journal of Energy Research and Environmental Technology (JERET), p-ISSN:2394-1561; e-ISSN: 2394157X; 4(1), Jan – March (2017), 123-127.
  • Kumar Amit, Sharma M.P. and Taxak A.K., Effect of vegetation communities and altitudes on the soil organic carbon stock in Kotilbhel-1A catchment, India, Clean Soil Air Water, CSAWAC 45(8) (2017).
  • Singh Virender, Sharma Sharma M.P., Shailendra & Mishra Saurabh, Bio-assessment of River Ujh using benthic macro-invertebrates as bioindicators, India, International Journal of River Basin Management, (2017) DOI: 10.1080/15715124.2017.1394318.
  • Bana Sangram and Saini R.P., Experimental investigation on power output of different photovoltaic array configurations under uniform and partial shading scenarios, Energy (Elsevier), 127, (April 2017), pp.438-453,.
  • Pankaj P. Gohil and Saini R.P., Numerical investigation of cavitating flow in elbow type draft tube, International Journal of Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics, (Inderscience), 17, No.3, (2017), pp.172-179.
  • Ravi Kant Ravi and Saini R.P., Effect of roughness elements on thermal and thermohydraulic performance of double pass solar air heater duct having discrete multi V- shaped and staggered rib roughness on both sides of the absorber plate, Experimental Heat Transfer (Taylor & Francis), 31 (1), (2018), pp.47-67.
  • Ravi Kant Ravi and Saini R.P., Nusselt number and friction factor correlations for forced convective type counter flow solar air heater having discrete multi V shaped and staggered rib roughness on both sides of the absorber plate, Applied Thermal Engineering (Elsevier), 129 (2018), pp.735–746.
  • Sangal Saurabh, Singhal M.K. and Saini R.P., Hydro-abrasive erosion in hydro turbines: a review”, International Journal of Green Energy (Taylor & Francis), 15, No.4, (Feb. 2018), pp. 232-253. (
  • Vinit Kumar Singh and SK Singal, Operation of hydro power plants-a review, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 69, (2017), Pages 610-619, ELSEVIER.
  • Kishore T.S., Singal S.K. and Selvaraj M., Methodology for cost estimation of overhead power transmission lines, Int. J. Power and Energy Conversion, Inderscience Enterprises Ltd. 8, No. 2, (2017).
  • Tripathi Mansi and Singal S K, Eichhornia crassipes- A Menace to Fresh Water Bodies and Its Sustainable Ethanol Extraction: Mini Review, Recent Adv. Petrochem Sci., 2(3): 555586, 001-003 (July 2017).
  • Tripathi Mansi and Singal S. K., Riverfront Restoration Plan Using Cipar Index: A Case Study of Gomti River, India, Journal on water, energy and environment, Hydro Nepal, 21(2017), 25- 33.
  • Singh Vinit Kumar and Singal SK, Application of MADM for Assessment of Parameters for Optimum Operation of small Hydropower Plants, IASH Journal, International Association for Small Hydro, 6, No. 2, July (2017), pp. 03-10.
  • Vikram Akhil, Yadav, Singal S.K. and Sood Manoj, Performance Evaluation of Bulb Turbine: A Case Study International Association for Small Hydro, Vol 7, No. (1), Jan (2018), pp 16-23.
  • Sood Manoj and Singal S.K., Hydro Kinetic Potential Assessment, International Association for Small Hydro, Vol 7, No. (1) Jan (2018), pp. 24-29.
  • Patel Alpesh M., Singal Sunil Kumar, Economic Analysis of Integrated Renewable Energy System for Electrification of Remote Rural Area having Scattered Population, International Journal of Renewable Energy Research, Vol 8 (1), March (2018), pp 523-539.
  • Zameer Ahmad, S.N. Singh, Improved modulation strategy for single phase grid connected transformerless PV inverter topologies with reactive power generation capability, Solar Energy, 163, (2018), Pages 356-375.
  • Zameer Ahmad, S.N. Singh, Single phase transformerless inverter topology with reduced leakage current for grid connected photovoltaic system, Electric Power Systems Research, 154, (2018), Pages 193-203.
  • Siva Ramakrishna Madeti, S.N. Singh, A comprehensive study on different types of faults and detection techniques for solar photovoltaic system, Solar Energy, 158, 2017, Pages 161-185.
  • G. Dileep, S.N. Singh, An improved particle swarm optimization based maximum power point tracking algorithm for PV system operating under partial shading conditions, Solar Energy, 158, (2017), Pages 1006-1015.
  • Siva Ramakrishna Madeti, S.N. Singh, Online modular level fault detection algorithm for grid-tied and off-grid PV systems, Solar Energy, 157, (2017), Pages 349-364.
  • Zameer Ahmad, S.N. Singh, An improved single phase transformer less inverter topology for grid connected PV system with reduce leakage current and reactive power capability, Solar Energy, 157, (2017), Pages 133-146.
  • U. Singh and S.N. Singh, Optimal Feature Selection via NSGA-II for Power Quality Disturbances Classification, in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, PP, no. 99, (2017), pp. 1-9.
  • Dileep. G, S.N. Singh, Selection of non-isolated DC-DC converters for solar photovoltaic system, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 76, (2017), Pages 1230-1247.
  • Siva Ramakrishna Madeti, S.N. Singh, Online fault detection and the economic analysis of grid-connected photovoltaic systems, Energy, 134, (2017), Pages 121-135.
  • Zameer Ahmad, S.N. Singh, Comparative analysis of single phase transformerless inverter topologies for grid connected PV system, Solar Energy, 149, 2017, Pages 245-271.
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