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Journals (Year 2006-07)

Name of Journals (Year 2006-07)

  • Nand Kishor, R.P. Saini and S.P. Singh, “A review of hydropower plant models and control”, International Journal of Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, Elsevier Science, UK, Vol. 11 (2007), pp. 776-796.   
  • Varun, R.P. Saini and S.K. Singhal, “A Review on roughness geometry used in solar air heaters”, International Journal of Solar Energy, Elsevier Science, UK, Jan. 2007.
  • Mamata Padhy and R.P. Saini, “A review on silt erosion in hydro turbines”, International Journal of Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, Elsevier Science, UK, (In press), 2007. 
  • G.K. Singh., K.B.Yadav and R.P. Saini, “Analysis of a Standard Multi-Phase (Six-Phase) Self-Excited Induction Generator”, International Journal of Emerging Electric Power System, Vol.7, Issue 2, Article No.5, Published by The Berkeley Electronic Press, 2006.  
  • Bhaskar J. Das, M.P.Sharma, Ranveer Singh & S.K.Singhal “Assessment of surface water quality of Deeporbeel Wetland”,  Environmental Science – An Indian Journal, 2(1) Jan. 2007, 44-52.  
  • M.K. Mittal, Varun, R.P. Saini and S.K. Singal “Effective efficiency of solar air heaters having different types of roughness elements on the absorber plate”, International Journal of Energy, Elsevier Science, UK, Vol. 32, Issue 5 (2007), pp 739-745,. 
  • T.R. Bajracharya, B. Acharya, C.B. Joshi, R.P. Saini and O.G. Dahlhaug, “Erosion of Pelton nozzle led by sand particle : Case study of Chilime Hydropower Plant”, International Journal of Wear, Elsevier Science, UK, (In press) 2007. 
  • Ranjit Singh, R.P. Saini and J.S. Saini, “Nusselt number and friction factor correlations for packed bed solar energy storage system having large sized elements of different shapes”, International Journal of Solar Energy 80 (2006) 760-771. 
  • A.K. Akella, R.P. Saini and M.P.Sharma, “Optimum utilization of renewable energy sources in a remote area”, International Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Elsevier Science, UK, Vol. 11 (2007), pp. 894-908. 
  • Varun and S. K. Singal, “Review of Augmentation of Energy Needs Using Renewable Energy Sources In India”, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews Int. Journal, 11(7), 1607-1615 (2007) 
  • S.N.Mahato, M.P.Sharma & S.P.Singh “ Selection of optimal capacitors for maximum power output of a single-phase self-excited induction generator using a three-phase machine” J. of Electric Power Components & Systems, 35 (8), August 2007.   
  • S.N. Mahato, M.P.Sharma & S.P.Singh on “Transient performance of a single-phase self-regulated self-excited induction generator using a three-phase machine”, J. Electric Power Systems Research, 77(7), 2007, 839-850.  
  • VS Nikam, H Sinvhal and Arun Kumar, “Understanding Public Perception in Planning Municipal Solid Waste Management in Thane City – A Case Study”. " Journal of Urban Planning and Development”, ASCE, (accepted)   
  • S. Balaji &MP Sharma “Water Quality Assessment and Conservation of River Bhavani” J. Ecology, Environment and Conservation (In Press)   
  • M.P. Sharma: Shailendra Sharma, Vivek Goel, Praveen Sharma & Arun Kumar, “ Water Quality Assessment of Behta River using Benthic Macroinvertebrates” Life Science Journal, 3 (4), 2006, 67-74.
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