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Conference / Seminars / Symposium (Year 2004-05)

Name of Conference / Seminars / Symposium (Year 2004-05)

  • Singh S.N and Nadim Ahmad “Analysis of Variable Speed Constant frequency of Generator”, First International Conference on Renewable Energy Oct. 06-8, 2004, New Delhi. 
  • Singh S.N and. Singh Surendra Pratap “Cost Effective Governing of Hydropower Plant by using Electronic Load Controller” First International Conference on Renewable Energy Oct. 06-8, 2004, New Delhi.
  • Singal S.K and Saini R.P,“Cost Effective approach for Low Head SHP Installations”, International Conference and Exhibition on Small Hydro Power, Falkenberg, Sweden, June 17-19,2004.
  • Singal S.K and. Saini R.P “Cost Effective Development of Canal Based Hydropower Scheme-A Case Study” First International Conference on Renewable Energy, Central Board of Irrigation and Power, New Delhi, Oct. 6-8, 2004.
  • Singal, S.K. and Saini, R.P., “Cost Effective Development of Canal Based Hydropower Scheme – A Case Study”, First International Conference on Renewable Energy, New Delhi, October 6-8, 2004.
  • Kumar, Arun, “Existing Micro Hydro Standards and Quality Programmes in India”, South Asia Regional Workshop on Developing Standards for Micro-Hydro Sector, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Sept. 5-7, 2004. (Invited)
  • Verma, H.K. and Kumar, Arun, “Instrument Networking for Efficiency Measurement in Small Hydro Power Stations”, international conference on Advances in Hydraulic Efficiency Measurements at Lucern, Switzerland, July 14-16, 2004. (Invited)
  • Saini, R.P, Kishor, Nand,. and Singh, S.P., “LQG/LTR Controller for Speed Governing of Hydro-turbine”, in IEEE Proceedings of MELECON-2004, Dubronvik, Croatia, May 12-14, 2004, Vol.3, pp. 1125-1128.
  • Singal S.K, Varun and Agarwal Vivek, “ Micro Hydro Power Development for Remote areas”, National Conference on Safety, Environment and Energy Management , National Institute of Technology, Truchirapalli ,Tamilnadu, India, June 4-6 2004.
  • Singh S.N and Sateesh Kumar Kollurri, “Modern Protection and Control Equipment in Small Hydropower Plants for Smooth power Evacuation,” Role of Technical Education in Sustainable Development, Anna University,India,24-26 March 2005.
  • Sharma, M.P. and Rout A.K. “Rural Electrification by Solar Form Systems”, In National Seminar on “Safety, Environment and Energy Management (SEEM-2004) held at Department of Chemical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli-620 015 (Tamil Nadu) on June 05, 2004, PST-4. 
  • Kumar, Arun “Small Hydropower: Option for Electricity Generation”, International Seminar on Non-conventional Energy, Renewables Energy Efficiency and Conservation”, Feb. 20-21, 2005, Thiruvananthapuram. (Invited)
  • Saini, R.P. Sultan, Sharma, M.P Shafat, and Fernandez, E., Laway, N.A., “Optimization of Renewable Energy Based Power Project or Remote Area of Jammu and Kashmir”, March 16, 2005 
  • Singh S.N, Srivastava S.P and. Pramod Kumar, “Steady-state Analysis of a Grid Connected Commutatorless Generator” National Power Conference, NPSC Dec. 27-31, 2004, IIT Chennai.
  • Singal S.K. “Small hydropower technology and employment opportunities”, National workshop on Renewable energy and youth employment opportunities, UNIDO- IHC- MNES, India, New Delhi, July 8-9, 2004.
  • Singal S.K “Small hydropower technology”, Regional workshop on Remote village electrification, The Energy and Resource Institute, Bangalore, India, July 9-11,2004.
  • Singal, S.K. and Saini, R.P., “Small Hydropower – A Promising Source of Renewable Energy”, National Seminar on Renewable Energy Technologies, Innovation and Market Penetrationa, Solar Energy Society of India, Kolkata, October 8-9, 2004.
  • Kumar, Arun and Verma H.K., “Standards and Testing of Small Hydropower Stations”, International Congress on Renewable Energy, Jan. 20-22, 2005, Pune. (Invited) 
  • Kumar, Arun, “Technical issues and design of structure for low head projects”, International seminar on Renewable Energy, June 10-12, 2004 at Colombo, Sri Lanka. (Invited)
  • Arun Kumar, S. N. Singh and Rakesh Kumar “Voltage Distribution in Distribution Network – Small Hydropower Development in Rural Area”, Role of Technical Education in Sustainable Development, Anna University,India,24-26 March 2005.
  • Sharma, M.P., Trivedi Anurag & Singh, S.P. “Voltage Regulation Schemes for “Self Excited Induction Generators”, National Workshop on “Emerging Scenario in Hydro-Thermal Power” held at SHSL-Central Institute of Engineering & Technology, Longowal (Punjab) on Sept. 15, 2004.
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