M.Tech (EMRL) 2019-21 Batch - Department of Hydro and Renewable Energy,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
M.Tech (EMRL) 2019-21 Batch


2019 - 2021 Batch


S.No. Name of Student E-mail Synopsis / Abstract
 1. Darlington F. Doe darlingtondoe952@gmail.com An Assessment of the Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources and Agriculture on the Lofa River Basin Using GIS-Based Swat Model
 2. Goza David daviegozah@yahoo.co.uk Development of Constructed Wetlands for Decentralized Treatment of Wastewater from Rural Sector
 3. Lucias Mujuru luscious.mujuru@yahoo.com Community Based Natural Resources Management Institutions for Water Resources Management: Case Study of Mapfungautsi Catchment in Zimbabwe
 4. Manish Kumar manish91194@gmail.com
Study of Waste to Energy from Municipal Solid Waste
 5. Myagmar b.myagmar1994@gmail.com Water Quality Assessment of Tuul River in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
 6. Neelima Kumari nilimasharma147@gmail.com
Techno-Ecological Synergy: A Framework for Environmental Sustainability through Algae Production Systems with Reference to Hauz Khas Lake
 7. Pramod Yadav pramodyadavupsainian@gmail.com
Study on Greenhouse Gas Emission and Reduction from STPS Sludge Waste
 8. Ramkhelavan Kanaujiya anukumar539@gmail.com
City Sanitation Plan of Deoria City
 9. Siddharth Bapna siddharthbapna2@gmail.com
 10. Tushar Rathod rtushar12@gmail.com
Impact of Land Use on River: A Case Study of Mula-Mutha River
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