M.Tech (EMRL) 2016-18 Batch - Department of Hydro and Renewable Energy,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
M.Tech (EMRL) 2016-18 Batch


2016 - 2018 Batch


S.No. Name of Student E-mail Synopsis / Abstract
 1. Akash Singh akashsingh42241@gmail.com Not Available
 2. Akash Singh 16513002 akashsinghknit007@gmail.com Impact Assessment of Pollution on Yamuna River
 3. Amit Prasad amitprasad456@gmail.com Minimization of Water Consumption
 4. Anurag Mishra anuragmishra251094@gmail.com Multi-Storey Decentralized Waste Water Treatment Plant
 5. Maansi Suresh Shah maansi.s.shah@gmail.com Impacts of Urbanisation on Water Bodies
 6. Rajeev Rajan Rathour rajeev906@gmail.com Modelling of Urban Water Management
 7. Saurabh saurav.tomar03@gmail.com Integration of Renewable Energy with Sewage Treatment Plant
 8. Stephano Mambuye Alphayo stephen.alphayo@yahoo.com Water Quality Profile of Ruvu River in Tanzania
 9. Vikram Singh vikramsingh8948@gmail.com Pollution Abatement in Sugar Cane Industry and Effluent Treatment Plant
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