M.Tech (EMRL) 2014-16 Batch - Department of Hydro and Renewable Energy,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
M.Tech (EMRL) 2014-16 Batch


2014 - 2016 Batch


S.No. Name of Student Synopsis / Abstract E-mail
 1. Adesh Kumar   Selection Of Cost Effective Wastewater Treatment Technology
 2. Amit Kumar amitlamba2612@gmail.com MSW Management of a City
 3. Ankit Shrikoti ankitshrikoti009@gmail.com Impact of River Bank Filtration on the Water Quality
 4. Bhargab Das Sharma bhargab.nit@gmail.com Not Available
 5. Dhairya S Shah dhairya1011@gmail.com Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment of a City
 6. Gazal Gupta gazalguptal31@gmail.com Ecological Health Assessment of Kanjli Lake-A Ramasar Site
 7. Hitesh Kumar Gupta ghitesh377@gmail.com Integration Of Solar Energy With Sewage Treatment Plant
 8. Krishna Kumar Yadav krish1012@gmail.com Urban Wastewater Management
 9. Ong Tshering Lepcha ongpu_lepcha@gmail.com Waste Water Treatment Using Aquatic Plants
 10. Pooja Sinha pjasinha@gmail.com Development of Mathematical Model for Biogas Plant Based On Kitchen Waste
 11. Sebghatullah Ahmad   Not Available
 12. Utkarsh Srivastava utkarsh.srivastava@hotmail.com Efficient Management of Electrical Energy Systems of STP’s
 13. Walaa Abdalhalim Ahmed Alzibeer lellly@hotmail.com City Sanitation Plan of Khartoum
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