AH-580: Climate Change and Water Bodies - Department of Hydro and Renewable Energy,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
AH-580: Climate Change and Water Bodies


Credits : 4

Contact Hours : Lecture : 3  Tutorial : 1  Practical : 0

Natural eco-systems, autotrophs, heterotrophs, energy flows, pre-industrial humanity; efficiency of photosynthesis and ecosystems like forests, crops, respiration, combustion and other oxidation processes, biomethanation; History of climate change, greenhouse gas effect, anthropogenic climate change, role of different gases, global climatic problems, integrated assessment model, impacts and adaptation, uncertainties, precautionary principle; Biological and physico-chemical methods for carbon sequestration, CO2 capture from large point sources, pre-, post- and oxy-combustion technology, transport, storage and monitoring, feasibility, economics and public perceptions; Water resources and green house gas emissions, mitigation measures and adaptation to climate change; Kyoto protocol, UNFCCC, IPCC, geopolitics of GHG control, CDM and other emission trading mechanisms, non-CO2 GHGs, relevance for India, procedure for registration for CDM projects and its benefit; Case studies.


Suggested Books :

i.    Metz, B. et al, "Climate Change 2007: Mitigation of Climate Change", Working group III of IPCC, Cambridge University Press.
ii.   Pachauri, R.K., "Dealing with Climate Change", TERI Press.
iii.  Orford, M. et al, "Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocal's Clean Development Mechanism" 1st edition, ITDG publication.
iv.  Graedel, T.E. and Crutzen, P.J., "Atmosphere, Climate and Change", W. H. Freeman Publishers.
v.   Stevens, W.K.,"The Change in the Weather: People, Weather and the Science of Climate", Delacorte Press.
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