AH-576: Planning and Management of Environmental Facility - Department of Hydro and Renewable Energy,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
AH-576: Planning and Management of Environmental Facility

Credits : 4

Contact Hours : Lecture : 3  Tutorial : 1  Practical : 0

Estimation of earthwork volume by cross-section, spot levels and contour, construction of mass diagram, calculation of haul, over haul and economic haul lead and lift; Procedure for working out quantities and rates for lime and cement mortars, lime and cement concrete, brick and stone masonry, flooring, plastering, RCC works, centering and works for different RCC items, doors, windows and ventilators; Drawing up specifications for construction materials such as coarse aggregate lime, cement, mortars, plain and reinforce concrete, brick masonry, stone masonry, flooring, roofing, plastering, wood work, earthwork and surfing, water supply distribution lines, surface and sub-surface drainage line (including stone-ware pipes); Methods for estimating the quantities, preparation of detailed and abstract estimates for the environmental engineering works like septic tank, manhole, pump house, store room, calculation for procuring steel for reinforcement for the basic components such as small slabs, chejja and lintels; Financial aspects, cost price and its different forms, gross and net income, outgoings and its types, obsolescence, annuity, year's purchase; Capital cost, operating cost, capitalized value, time value of money, sinking fund, depreciation and methods of its calculation, cost fixation on the produced commodity; Fiscal incentives for environmental protection: exemption from it, investment and depreciation allowance, exemption from tax to capital gains, rebate in cess levied on consumption of water; Measures for sustainability, operation and maintenance of the assets and facilities;

Suggested Books :

i.    Dutta, B.N., “Estimating and Costing”, S. Dutta and Company.

ii.   Mahajan, D.C., “Estimating and Costing in Civil Engineering”, 5th edition, Rainbow Book Company.

iii.  Amin, R.K., “Economics for Engineers”, Charotar Book Stall.

iv.  Chand, T., “Engineering Economics”, Nem Chand and Brothers.

v.   “Manuals on Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment”, CPHEEO.

vi.   Current Schedule of Rates (SR) of PWD, KUWS and DB.


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