AH-558: Coastal Pollution Monitoring and Impact Assessment - Department of Hydro and Renewable Energy,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
AH-558: Coastal Pollution Monitoring and Impact Assessment


Credits : 4

Contact Hours : Lecture : 3  Tutorial : 1  Practical : 0

Brief history, importance, fields of application and fundamental concepts of coastal pollution, collection, processing, analysis and quality control of data; Fundamentals of acoustic wave propagation in ocean waters, sound velocity computation, attenuation, refraction and reflection, frequency band width, multibeam echosounders, sea floor classification; Water levels and flow measurements, principles of tides and water levels, astronomical tide producing forces, tidal characteristics, non-tidal water level variations, tide and water level datum, harmonic analysis and tide prediction, principles of tidal currents, measurements and prediction; Biological/chemical indicators of coastal pollution, methods for the assessment of coastal and marine pollution, biological productivity and pollution monitoring, physical/chemical/biological water quality, sampling techniques and problems, nutrients, anoxia, impacts of heavy metals, pathways of radioactivity, data storage and processing, water quality standards; Coastal pollution, types, causes and impact, concept and guidelines of sewage or sludge disposal into the sea; Notification of coastal regulation zone (CRZ) and environment clearance with practical case studies, desalination units for drinking water; Case studies of EIA of developmental projects on coastal areas.


Suggested Books :

i.    Ingham, A.E., "Sea Surveying", John Wiley and Sons Inc.
ii.   Andersen, A.T., "A Manual of Chemical and Biological Methods for Seawater Analysis", Oxford Pergamon Press.
iii.  Hocking, M.B., "Handbook of Chemical Technology and Pollution Control", 3rd edition, Academic Press.
iv.  Spellman, F.R., "The Science of Environmental Pollution", 2nd edition,CRC Press.
v.   Bhatia, S.C., "Textbook of Air Pollution and its Control", Atlantic Publishing Company.
vi.  Pepper, I.L., Gerba C.P. and Brusseau, M.L. "Environmental and Pollution Science", 2nd edition,Academic Press.
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