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AH-554: Waste Water Collection, Treatment and Disposal

Credits : 4

Contact Hours : Lecture:3  Tutorial : 1  Practical : 0

Overview, sources-domestic and industrial, waste water, its quality, effluent standards, waste water load and its evaluation, flow rates, water supply data, actual measurement and analysis of flow data; Waste water collection, sewerage systems and sewage pumping,  natural drainage system and waste water disposal; Typical sewage quality, its composition and health hazards of handling and disposal Software for sewer design and estimation of waste water, objectives, methods and implementation strategy of treatment processes, physical operations like screening, grit removal, flow equalisation, sedimentation; aerobic, anaerobic, attached and suspended growth processes; pond system, combination and/or alternatives, design of treatment units, life cycle cost; Operation and maintenance of waste water treatment  plants,  polishing of treated waste water, disinfection, nutrient removal, natural treatment systems; Treatment of sludge, disposal of treated effluent and sludge; Resource generation by way of biogas generation, sale of treated water and sludge, tertiary treatment, reuse of treated water in agriculture/horticulture/construction work, CDM of conservation facilities like STPs, toilets, crematoria to generate additional revenues;

Suggested Books :

i.    Tchobanoglous, G., Burton, F. L. and Stensel, H. D., “Waste Water Engineering: Treatment and Reuse”, 4th edition, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company.

ii.   Davis, M.L., David, A. and Cornwell, W.C.B., “Introduction to Environmental Engineering”, 3rd edition,McGraw Hill.

iii.  Bajwa, G.S., “Practical Handbook on Public Health Engineering”, Deep Publisher.

iv.  “Manual of Sewerage and Sewage Treatment”, CPHEEO.

v.    Letterman, R.D., “Water Quality and Treatment- A Handbook of Community Water Supplies”, 5th edition, American Water Works Association – Mc Graw-Hill Inc.


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