AH-550: Application of RS and GIS in Environment Management - Department of Hydro and Renewable Energy,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
AH-550: Application of RS and GIS in Environment Management

Credits: 4

Contact Hours: Lecture: 3 Tutorial: 1 Practical: 0

Definition of remote sensing, ideal remote sensing system, sensors and their characteristics; Image processing software, image registration, image enhancement, image classification; Definition and components of GIS, sources of data, coordinates and projection system, global Positioning System; Spatial and non-spatial data, raster and vector data, data errors and editing creation of data base, special data  operations and analysis; Applications of RS and GIS in optimal routing of solid wastes collection system of an urban area, environmental siting of industries, zoning atlas development and impact of land use and land cover change on environment; Re-modelling of water distribution and sewer network systems using GIS; GIS for sustainable land use urban development planning, rivers, lakes and coastal areas; Groundwater vulnerability modelling using GIS, environmental degradation and soil erosion of catchment, reservoir capacity and sedimentation;

Lists of Practical:

i. Geo referencing of topo sheet and satellite image
ii. Image enhancement and classification – supervised and unsupervised
iii. Digitization of Lake Boundary, river network and other features
iv. Data collection from GPS
v. Development of environment database on GIS package
vi. Queries and analysis from GIS database

Suggested Books :

i.    Clarke, K.C., Parks, B.O. and Crane, M.P., “Geographic Information Systems and Environmental Modeling”, Prentice Hall of India Pvt Limited.

ii.   Lillesand, T.M. and Kiefer, R.W., “Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation”, 5th edition, John Willey and Sons Pte. Ltd.

iii.  Panda, B.C., “Remote Sensing Principles and Applications”, Viva Books Private Limited.

iv.  Lo, C.P. and Yeung, A. K.W., “Concepts and Techniques of Geographic Information Systems”, Prentice Hall

v.   Burrough, P.A., “Principles of GIS for Land Resources Assessment”, Oxford University Press.


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