AH-548: Simulation of SHP Plants - Department of Hydro and Renewable Energy,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
AH-548: Simulation of SHP Plants


Credits : 4

Contact Hours : Lecture : 3  Tutorial : 1  Practical : 2 per alternate

Review of system modelling and simulation, system states, lumped and distributed parameters, experimental and mathematical simulation, overview of numerical methods for simulation; Modelling of water conductor system for low and medium/high head plants; Modelling of turbines and governing system ; Modelling of generators, excitation and power evacuation system ; Dynamic simulation of shp plants, different response of shp plant; Case-studies, introduction to real-time digital simulator for SHP plant;

List of Practicals :

i. Starting, synchronizing, loading, shutting down and malfunctioning of shp plants.

Suggested Books :

i.    Law, A. M., “Simulation, Modeling and Analysis”, 4th edition, McGraw-Hill.
ii.   Zeigler, B. P., Praehofer, H. and Kim, T. G., “Theory of Modeling and Simulation”, 2nd edition, Academic Press.
iii.  Deo, N., “System Simulation with Digital Computer”, Prentice Hall of India Pvt Ltd.
iv.  Som, S. and  Biswas, G., “Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machines”, 1st edition, McGraw-Hill.
v.   Kundur, P., “Power System Stability and Control”, McGraw-Hill Inc.
vi.  French, R.H., “Open Channel Hydraulics”, McGraw-Hill Book Company.
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