AH-540: Solar Photo-Voltaic Design and Application - Department of Hydro and Renewable Energy,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
AH-540: Solar Photo-Voltaic Design and Application


Credits : 4

Contact Hours : Lecture : 3  Tutorial : 1  Practical : 0

Solar energy data, estimation of solar energy on different planes; Principle, characteristics and types of  solar photo-voltaic (PV) cell; Manufacturing and performance testing of solar PV modules; PV modules, array, batteries, battery chargers, block diodes, inverters, load distribution unit, monitoring equipment, circuit breakers; Load estimation, sizing of array and battery ; Types of PV system, isolated and grid connected PV power plants; Installation and maintenance, grid interfacing, field monitoring; economic analysis, cost effective hybrid designs;

Suggested Books :

i.     Boyle, G., “Renewable Energy Power for a Sustainable Future”, Oxford University Press.
ii.    Sukhatme, S.P., “Solar Energy Principles of Thermal Collection and Storage”, 2nd edition”, Tata McGraw Hill.
iii.   Tiwari, G.N., “Solar Energy: Fundamentals, Design, Modeling and Applications”, Narosa Publishing House.
iv.   Goswami, D.Y., Kreith, F. and Kreider, J.F., “Principles of Solar Engineering”, 2nd edition, Taylor and Francis.
v.    Hsieh, J.S., “Solar Energy Engineering”,  Prentice-hall Inc.
vi.   Bansal, N.K., Kleemann, M. and Heliss, M., “Renewable Energy Sources and Conversion Technology”, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company.
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