AH-528: Rural Electrical Energy System Planning and Design - Department of Hydro and Renewable Energy,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
AH-528: Rural Electrical Energy System Planning and Design


Credits : 4

Contact hours ; Lecture : 3  Tutorial :1  Practical : 0

Electrical load survey and forecasting, rural load management; Route survey and profiling of transmission and distribution lines; Mechanical design of low-tension distribution lines, selection of poles/supports; Electrical design of low-tension distribution lines: selection of conductors and insulators; Planning, selection and design of substations for rural electrical system; Load flow methods for  transmission and distribution system; fault analysis: different types of faults and their calculation procedures; Co-ordination between power and tele-communication lines; Maintenance of transmission and distribution lines; 

Suggested Books :

i.    Kamaraju, V., “Electric Power Distribution System”, Tata McGraw Hill Education Private Limited.
ii.   Grainger, J.J. and Stevenson, W.D., “Power System Analysis”, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Limited.
iii.  Jangwala, N.K., “Modern Trends and Practices in Power Subtransmission and Distribution Systems”, Vol.-I and II, CBIP Publication.
iv.  Widmer, P. and Arter, A., “Village Electrification”, MHPG, SKAT Publication.
v.   Pabla A.S., “Electric Power Distribution”,5th edition,Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company.
vi.  Harker, K., “Power System Commissioning and Maintenance Practice”, The Institution of Electrical Engineers.
vii. Raina, K.B. and Bhattacharya, S.K., “Electrical Design Estimating and Costing”, New Age International Publisher Limited.
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