AH-527: Laboratory Course - Department of Hydro and Renewable Energy,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
AH-527: Laboratory Course


Credits : 2

Contact Hours : Lecture : 0  Tutorial : 0  Practical : 3

Solid waste characterization, soil characteristics: permeability, porosity, LL, PL, grain size distribution, soil classification and resistivity; Performance evaluation: sewage and effluent treatment plants, disposal of treated solid waste and treated water, possibilities of resource generation on account of biogas and manure production; Performance evaluation of toilets, crematoria and river fronts; Flow measurement techniques: ‘V’ notch and area-velocity method; Sediment analysis; Trace element analysis; Performance evaluation of various waste water treatment systems: lagoons, oxidation pond, ASP, UASB and other treatment plants; Students to work at least for two weeks time at any STP set-up under GAP/NRCD to carry out the comprehensive evaluation of STPs or ETPs; Demonstration of latest equipment of Institute Instrumentation Centre.


Suggested Books :

i.    "Standard Methods of Analysis", 20th edition, Joint publication of APHA, AWWA and WEF.
ii.   Indian and International Standards.
iii.  "Standard Method for the Examination of Water and Sewage", American Public Health Association.
iv.  Ramesh, R., and Anbu, M., "Chemical Methods for Environment Analysis: Water and Sediment", Macmillan Publishers India.
v.   Carter, M.R. and Gregorich, E.G., "Soil Sampling and Methods of Analysis", 2nd edition, John Wiley and Sons Inc.


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