AH-522: Wind Energy Application Technology - Department of Hydro and Renewable Energy,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
AH-522: Wind Energy Application Technology


Credits : 4

Contact Hours : Lecture : 3  Tutorial : 1  Practical : 0

Wind energy scenario in India, properties of wind, wind velocity and wind rose diagram, estimation of power in wind; Types of wind turbines, characteristics, construction of wind mills; Aerodynamic considerations of wind mill design, wind stream profile, rotor blade profile and cross section; Drive system-gears, wind electric generators, regulating and control systems for wind mills; Performance evaluation and recent technologies of wind energy conversion system; Wind energy potential estimation and site selection; wind farms, cost estimation of the energy from wind energy conversion system;

Suggested Books :

i.    Pillai, G.M., “Wind Power Development in India”,  Part-II, Shailesh Art Print.
ii.   Sorensen, B., “Renewable Energy”, Academic Press.
iii.  Burton, T. et al, “Wind Energy Handbook”, John Wiley and Sons Ltd.
iv.  Lysen, E.H.A., “Introduction to Wind Energy”, Franklin Institute Press.
v.   Boyle, G., “Renewable Energy Power for a Sustainable Future”, Oxford University Press.
vi.  Bansal, N.K., Kleemann, M.  and Heliss, M., “Renewable Energy Sources and Conversion Technology”, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company.
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