AH-517A: Modeling, Simulation & Computer Applications - Department of Hydro and Renewable Energy,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
AH-517A: Modeling, Simulation & Computer Applications


Credits : 4

Contact Hours : Lecture :3  Tutorial : 1  Practical : 2 per alternate

Review of C++ ; Principles of modeling, physical, mathematical,  static and dynamic models; Model development, parameter estimation, validation of model ; Nature of simulation, techniques of simulation, discrete and continuous system simulation, parallel and distributed simulation, simulation of queuing and inventory system; Methods of random number generation, Monto-Carlo simulation, spread sheet simulation, numerical computation techniques for continuous and discrete models; Modeling of intake, channel, desilting tank, forebay tank, penstock; Modeling of electro mechanical equipment; Introduction of simulation language and package; 

List of Practicals :

Software development for planning and designing of small hydropower plant based on  C++ programming, development of model with empirical data, software development for simulation technique.

Suggested Books :

i.    Kundur, P., “Power System Stability and Control”, McGraw-Hill Inc.
ii.   Laffore, R., “Turbo C++”, Galgotia Publication.
iii.  Hubbard, J.R., “Programming with C++”, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company.
iv.  Deo, N., “System Simulation with Digital Computer”, Prentice Hall
v.   Severance, F.L., “System Modelling and Simulation-An introduction”, John Wiley and Sons.
vi.  Law, A.M., “Simulation Modelling and Analysis”, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company.
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