AH-513: Renewable Energy Resources Development Technology - Department of Hydro and Renewable Energy,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
AH-513: Renewable Energy Resources Development Technology


Credits :4

Contact Hours : Lecture : 3  Tutorial : 1  Practical : 2 per alternate

 Introduction to energy sources, reserves and estimates, global energy scenario, renewable energy vis-a-vis  environment implications, global warming and climate change; Solar energy and its application, availability of solar radiation energy, collection and solar thermal storage, photovoltaic and thermal power generation; Wind energy and its application, types of wind mills and their characteristics, elementary design principles; Biomass and its sources, energy plantation, production of fuel wood; Bio-conversion processes, bio-gas, bio-diesel and ethanol production and utilization; Thermo-chemical processes, biomass gasification, process, types of reactors, utilization of producer gas for thermal and electricity generation; New energy technology, ocean and geothermal energy, hydrogen energy, alternate fuels for surface transportation;

List of Practicals :

i.  To determine the heating value of solid and liquid fuels
ii. To determine the heating value of gaseous fuels
iii.To determine the viscosity of liquid fuels and lubricants
iv. To determine the flash point of liquid fuels
v.  To evaluate the performance of solar hot water system
vi. To determine the efficiency of SPV water pumping system

Suggested Books :

i.   Duffie, J.A. and Beckman, W.A., “Solar Engineering of Thermal Process”, 3rd Edition, John Wiley,.
ii.  Charles, Y. W.-B.and Essel, B. H., “Biomass Conversion and Technology”,John Wiley.
iii. Lysen, E.H.A., “Introduction to Wind Energy”, Franklin Institute Press.
iv. Clare, R., “Tidal Power: Trends and Development”, Thomas Telford.
v. “World Energy Outlook 2009”, International Energy Agency Publication.
vi.  Ledjeff, K. et al., “Hydrogen: A Clean Permanent Source of Future Energy”, Pergamon Press.
vii. Kemp, W.H., “The Renewable Energy Handbook: A Guide to Rural Energy Independence, Off-Grid and Sustainable Energy”, Aztext Press.

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