AH-511: SHP Planning and Management - Department of Hydro and Renewable Energy,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
AH-511: SHP Planning and Management


Credits : 4

Contact Hours : 3 Lecture :3   Tutorial :1  Practical :0

Forms, development and purposes of water resources, types of hydro projects, shp development and its relevance, Electricity act, constitutional provisions, development process, allotment of sites, opportunities; Small hydropower planning on existing structures and new sites; Different methods for stream gauging, rainfall, runoff and its estimation by different methods, peak flood estimation, demonstration of discharge measuring instruments ; Flow duration studies, assessment of power potential and determination of installed capacity; Topographical, geological and power evacuation surveys and investigations, demonstration of surveying instruments,  site selection for shp projects; Different types of project reports and their relevance; Different methods  of project implementation ;Financing of projects, cost estimation for different components, financial and economic analysis, clean development mechanism, management of shp plants ;

Suggested Book

i.   Harvey, A., Brown, A. and Hettiarachi, P., “Micro Hydro Design Manual”, Intermediate Technology,
ii.  Fritz, J.J., “Small and Mini Hydro Power Systems: Resource Assessment and Project Feasibility”, McGraw Hills.
iii.  Gulliver, J.S. and Arndt, E.A., “Handbook of Hydro Electric Engineering”, McGraw Hills.
iv.  Kausal, M.L. and Chauhan, G., “Planning and Design of Small Hydroelectric Projects”, (Publication No. 305), Central Board of Irrigation and Power. 
v.  “Civil Engineering Guidelines for Hydroelectric Projects”,(Vol. 4-Small Hydro), ASCE.
vi.  Nigam, P.S., “Handbook of Hydroelectric Engineering”, Nem Chand and Bros.
vii. “Guidelines to Develop Small Hydropower Plants”, ESHA.
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