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      The development of hydropower around the world is on the increase. Hydropower development has been recognized as one of the key drivers in optimally utilizing the available water resources towards achieving the objective of energy security and green growth. In spite of India having a hydro potential of 150,000 MW it could develop till date only about 36,000 MW. Further, due to the recent incidences of hydro-meteorological disasters and the concerns raised about social and environmental aspects from many quarters, the development of hydro potential has not made much of headway. As a consequence, Uttarakhand which has a projected potential of 27,000 MW has only been able to harness about 3,640 MW from hydropower projects. Therefore, there is a huge opportunity to further optimally harness the hydropower potential towards acquiring energy security and green growth. There is a need of serious relooking of the existing status, policy, environmental, financial, social and technical barriers in implementation.

      Often hydropower project activities like tunneling, muck disposal, catchment area treatment, environment flows, resettlement and rehabilitation issues, if not attended properly as per well laid procedures and practice, may result in adverse perception about hydropower projects. A well planned and well managed hydropower plant is a real long term asset of any country which results in spin off benefits in many areas like agriculture, industry, drinking water, tourism and cultural.


      There is an urgent need to develop this promising sector of renewable energy in all developing countries as only a fraction of available potential has been harnessed so far. In order to further boost the development of this sector, there is a need to share the views in this field through organizing International Conference covering the advances made in the Planning, Technologies Selection and Implementation of Hydropower projects. With all of the varied efforts underway to promote the development of hydropower, a need has developed to share information on what has worked, and what has not.

      To provide forum for exchange of experiences on policies, regulatory, technological innovations, best practices and scope of hydro power development as a clean, green and sustainable source of development, Alternate Hydro Energy Centre (AHEC), Indian Institute of technology, Roorkee in association with Government of Uttarakhand is organizing International conference on “Hydropower for Sustainable Development” at Dehradun during Feb 05 - 07, 2015.

      Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Ministry of Power Central electricity Authority, Central and state power utilities NHPC, NTPC, SJVN, THDC, UJVNL, HPPCL, UNIDO shall be supporting this conference.